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Paroles de Walter White Boy Flow de Rittz, Bootleg Kev

Walter White Boy Flow est une chanson de Rittz, Bootleg Kev pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en avril 2013.

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Vous pouvez écouter la chanson de Rittz, Bootleg Kev avec la vidéo ci-dessous.

Jessie you asked me,
If I was in the math business or the money business
I'm in the Empire business,

Bootleg Kev, do you feel me?


And take a Rittz ain't shit, Rittz ain't bitch
But you never heard nobody take a risk, can't spit,
If you're looking for bullshit, this ain't me,
I just did a lot of speed bout to fit a drink..
Nose on fire, go on fire, got to go ..
Take a crown for some more.. cope die,
..slapping me..oh so glock,
Nobody ..I didn't try goes right,
..Maybe bootleg kev give a ..on the show ..
Big Sean tongue, fun strong,
Me got me staring at ..big ..blond
I can see she picked on..
Didn't mack, if I see she..
Damn I'm about to put it in the ass just to make her
Feel me interest .. Maybe later, I'll find the agent chick
'cause I hasn't make it bigger
I'm just tripping out some shit, I'll sya when I'll eb drinking liquor
Doing a gift, I'll receive and I'ma give up
Last lines dedicated to my homie..
I'ma step it to the car, let me I got anew far from new come on
.. got an 8 ..gonna ..I'm just bringing twenty
I'ma keep it loop by the funny goop
Wanna fuck you, I didn't .. 'cause I'm feeling ...lick kid,
Like a big.. with the homie lifted GOG, bitch.

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