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Rover vous propose Wedding Bells, le single extraite de son album Rover.
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My knees are in pain
I'm standing there in the fog
My heart is in flame
Just a few feet away from your door
I'm guessing your voice
The weight of your sigh fills the air

Feel I've been gone for forty years
It's been only four but full of tears
I covered miles to cease the pain
I held your picture in the rain
Expecting you to be the same
Poems and letters never came

I heard our wedding bells at dawn

Peaked through the window, are you there?
All I could see was my old chair
I whipped the steam, am I insane?
I saw a child beside the fire
His smile was yours, oh would I dare
Presume the child was mine as well?
Presume the child was mine as well?

I hardly believed this was true
As I conceived me and you
The ruins of my dream out of the blue
From deep thousand seas to heaven blue

The name on doorbell had been changed
A man had come to ruin the plan
My expectations are in vain
I stand alone to my old door
If I had known during the war
I'd still be dying in those plains

Now those wedding bells are gone

If I could use a magic spell
I'd be the man beside the child
Resting my soul for heaven sake
I fought for years in heavy shit
Starving to death, losing my mates
Waiting to see you face to face
Oh I want to see you face to face
Oh... oh I want to see you face to face

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