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Paroles de What You Call That de French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Lil Durk

What You Call That est une chanson de French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Lil Durk pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le lundi 06 janvier 2014.

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Look at my wristwatch, what you call that ?
Slow down with the whip top, what you call that ?
Your homies made a pit stop, what you call that ?
Smoking out the Ziploc, nigga what you call that ?
Man I got a spaceship, whippin a brick, what you call that ?
Got these bitches doing groovy things, what you call that ?
Smoking dank that exotic out the zip? What you call that ?
Hunned 50, bust it down on my wrist, what you call that ?

I'm geek'd up, hoppin out the Spyder (yea hoe)
I'm stuntin outer space, call me fyber (yea hoe)
We're jumpin out the pod and I don't mind that (yea hoe)
Shackin bitches, treat me like they got the virus (yea hoe)
Pull up in that whatyoucallit (yea hoe)
Bitch jump out the car, she see that pussy got imported (yea hoe)
Feds rush the spot, niggas better hold it down (yea hoe)
I just bought a spaceship that just might roll around (yea hoe)
Nigga I just call it, niggas ball a brick (yea hoe)
Put another one on that to boss yo bitch (yea hoe)
Bring on the bottle, all the burners on the wheel (yea hoe)
Put up to the spot, so she's bout a quarter mill (yea hoe)


Started slingin, all I wanted was a bitch (yea hoe)
Caught a lick, they ain't never seen this in (yea hoe)
Montana, in that coupe a quarter mill (yea hoe)
If you smoking is you rollin up a pill? (yea hoe)
I be with it, I be bout that, what you call that? (yea hoe)
You ain't something I ain't fuckin, bitch I'm stuntin (yea hoe)
Why you trippin? Is you niggas out yo mind? (yea hoe)
Mix it there with the purp, I'm going blind (yea hoe)
Bout a hoe, said she carryin enough (yea hoe)
You ain't gonna trap, you ain't gotta come (yea hoe)
Man Coke Boys, what you know about em? (yea hoe)
I be jumpin on you niggas from the bottom (yea hoe)


Niggas be hatin, niggas be fakin (yea hoe)
And I'm on that shit, what the fuck are we waitin? My niggas impatient (yea hoe)
Come with this bitch, just cop me a Rolex, you flexin on bowflex (yea hoe)
Let me tale for the bricks, call em what you want, give set what you want (yea hoe)
Fore we talk that shit
When I wanna pull it out, headshot nigga
Sneak diss, get a nigga in the box nigga
14, no boc, just glock nigga
I'mma hit it by myself, that's right nigga
No cleaning boy, I be too much nigga
My team be really on top nigga (yea hoe)
Call us what you want, we on top nigga
I tell that people why do you wanna talk nigga?
Iced out, gold chain, help yo self nigga (yea hoe)
When they ain't in a hospital help niggas
And I now I got hope like Hilfiger
And I got jewels like wealth nigga
30 shots, we ain't playin no sell niggas
I'm there with a truck, no shelf nigga
30 shots, we ain't playin no sell niggas
And I'm down for the squad, what's that nigga?


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