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Paroles de What's Wrong With Them de Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

What's Wrong With Them est une chanson issue de l'album I Am Not A Human Being (piste numéro 6) de Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj sorti en 2010.
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Lil Wayne
Uh, life on the rocks
Too hard to swallow
So we get high till it feel like the sky low
Ya'll boys just a bunch of p-ssy cats milo
Money is the song, pockets on high note
Do ra me faso
I rock like a fossil, big ball sh-t, Paul Castellano
Shoot ya ass up, now crawl out the condo
That's that nine n-gga, lil rando
Sleeping with the enemy so I f-ck the World
To Miss Louise Anna, the sweetest southern girl
The sweetest southern girl
(sweetest southern girl)

Nicki Minaj
This is times up
Put your signs up
Made em pick my dude
I line up
Baby what the f-ck is wrong (wrong) with them
What the f-ck is wrong (wrong) with them
You see money you call
Very few are chosen
Looking at the wall
You can feel them close in
Baby what the f-ck is wrong (wrong) with them
What the f-ck is wrong (wrong) with them

Lil Wayne
Uh, mind over matter
Money over all
The World is on my shoulders,
Shall I dust my shoulders off?
Uzi rat-a-tatter, knocking over walls
F-ck the bullsh-t, but just don't f-ck it raw man
P-ssy has a pattern and I know where I'm going
And if you got beef I turn into a tenderloin
Sanity kills so I live the crazy life
I wonder if you'll pay attention if I change the price
Life is my wife, till death do us part
Man I'm fly as f-ck you ain't even next to depart
Quick draw McGraw, I hope you like art


Lil Wayne
Stepping on the bullsh-t
You can be my doormat
Y'all ain't going nowhere with that hatin' sh-t, four flat
Disrespectful on the beat, Borat
F-ck the system and the p-ssy wasn't all that
Yeah, now time's gettin' shorter
Life on ya head like f-cking read carter now
Don't you cross me, you do better crossing the border
So much money piled up I'm a muthaf-cking hoarder


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