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Paroles de Worst Nightmare (Meek Mill Diss) de Chubby Jag

Worst Nightmare (Meek Mill Diss) est une chanson de Chubby Jag pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2013.

Les paroles de Worst Nightmare (Meek Mill Diss) ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable que se dissimulent toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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Glide like Clyde, ballin like the Lakers, Tupac back
The shit done got real disrespectful my nigga
Time to get checked homes chubby larcity fam peta

You say I'm trash better hold up meek
You ain't know that I got shit sold up meek
My mask on I hold the heat then blast home you get rolled up meek
Come to my hood you a fold up meek
Fuck around make a nigga blow up meek
Put a hole in your body finna throw up meek
Got the whole hood saying they tore up meek
The big homie said put the doe up meek
Fake ass buss better slow up meek
Young ass rap better grow up meek
The cash ain't there imma show up meek
I don't give a fuck about your bread homes
We live for this you dead home
Just got off that worldstar them gds on your head homes
I heard what you said homes
Tell the truth that shit wack
Instagram is a motherfucker your babby mama that bitch fat
I'm saying that bitch chubby you say that bitch stack
If you saying that bitch bad she bald head and that bitch black
Kick back cuz one day you gon see me one day
That shit gon go one way g-unit on gunplay
All my niggas straight creezy balling out like I ate wheaties
I can't give your state props cuz they put on this fake petey
All I know is family first make cash and my state need me
Pay a cheep fee to young kiki and that's real talk you get scapped easy
Shit sound like you lost nigga
Get robbed if you floss nigga
You work but you ain't no boss nigga
Yeah its fuck you and your boss nigga
Red donkey get off nigga
Head shot get tossed nigga
When I shoot I'm all on
Any day I've been off nigga
Shit sound like you soft nigga
Jack and penny we working home
Bitch ass in my hood get banged on like perkins homes
Your favorite bitch I beat it meek
Didn't even have to eat it meek
Her eyes closed her mouth open I fucked around and just skeeted meek
3 millions downloads and 250 on sales
Now I ain't saying I'm a brainiac but that shit sounds like you cheated meek
Look round, hood niggas, bad bitches, kush round
Stand up get pushed down and that fake chain will get took now
Your whole squad will get shook down
That mad cash I bust down
Leg bust hope they give you that heads up
Duck down, clap quick bust rounds
Get merked when you touch town
Big spin fly them birds like pig skin touchdown
Yup I got some goonies that's bout to get out of pocket
On you james harden way that cali boy that will turn a rocket on ya
Yeah I put money on your head make a deposit on ya
Pause frank ocean how niggas come out the closet on ya
They fucked around and put a man against a baby nigga
Been up in your crib the shit was trash you fucking crazy nigga
Yeah you must hate me nigga stupid flow dummy time
Put another 10 up on snoopy and that money mine
He gon go to rest nigga kill nothing less nigga
You a fucking club rapper a tiger at best nigga
See this shit on twitter homes you handle shit the gay way
I know why niggas acting bitch you look just like shenaenae
Or better yet the crack head version we lerking
We working homes even the crack heads serving
I got that a1 the shit that got the crackheads jerking
Getting that wet off I swear I got the crack heads surfing
My niggas you trash snoop trash, louie trash, omeli too
The next shit gon be trash homes, same outcome of belly 2
The fuck you gon be rapping bout
Phatom whips and ghosts nigga
Beat em when we see yeah we delete em like nigga
You probably thinking you the best stay focused nigga
Numbers don't lie and in philly you not the dopest nigga
You garbage, you trash meek, you past tence, you last week
Your boss man is trash meat you need your fucking ass beat
I be where they clapping at come around I saved the gun
Finally got respect for rick his fat ass done saved a bum
All my niggas with the business tell em come and beat the office
Go and get boss mans cuz bosses only speak to bosses

Yeah I was with my nigga kiki smoking on that kiki
Nigga told me that you was scared to come to compton and get in that yg video
Bitch ass nigga but you a g though right the fuck out of here nigga
Ha I go everywhere ask rell I've been in your house fag ass nigga
We own your head out here nigga larsiny flyest fat nigga you know
Flat top gold chains nigga fuck you and your squad
You know I am nigga you've seen me don't lie
Them numbers don't lie either you ain't the best nigga
You know what I'm saying little short tooth son
It's all good, you the weakest out of all the new niggas
We all know your bum ass yup chubby
And by the way stop wearing that small leather jacket nigga
And stop talking bout the lakers nigga talk about the sixers nigga
That's my city nigga we out

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