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Paroles de Back At It de Euroz, Easy Redd

Back At It est une chanson de Euroz, Easy Redd pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2014.

Les paroles de Back At It ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Bitch, I'm on that Pac shit
Picture me rolling, motherfucker
I spur with the Sun's roof,
You know me, motherfucker
Real recognizers, so I don't know these motherfuckers
No Photoshop
It's time to expose these motherfuckers
So who am I?
The other half for the great twins
Not too much to say, twin
Easy, but I don't play twin
The bitch be on the purse
In what state you want to stay in?
A bitch with furs and a fat monkey to go ape in
Yeah, I said ape in, bitch, that mean bananas
School of hard knocking, you is never seen no campus
Niggers used to call me door
I was always seen with hammers
Put me and Uncle Bucky here and all my team ...
All this money that I plan to get
I'm not to be tempered with
You niggers can't see me
More tricks that a camper's dick
But our boys can fly shit
No need for an airstrip
Snatching nigger's crowns and their toes
The man is sick
West Coast, West Coast
A Vegas living but my Callie niggers next door
Getting tax free money
Until the fast shows, see?
Myself being dead, for being dead broke

Riding around in the jets
That's the sound of success
From the top
You niggers seem far as hell
We them niggers,
It shouldn't be so hard to tell.
We back at it
'cause I didn't let you niggers shine,
You had more than enough time
We back at it
We ain't saw you niggers ganging shit
But that's all about to change
'cause we backed at it

Motherfuckers never let us
Try to label us as outsiders
Chopper flame your whole block up
You gon'die in a house fire
Pussy niggers keep talking
Get their mouth wired
You ain't thrill, when you get back
Stomp you out, liar
I'm a diamond in the roof
I just outshine them
On the side, bring them chalk
I'm gon'outline them
That is artwork
I'mma spark first
Easy, red, count on me for the dark verse
Ain't no cruelty for a girl first
Sly boy, got these bitches on my block hoarse
I said them, chill, I'm engaged to the block
I'm on a cocksucker with the gauge of the Glock
You got Obama care, you ...
Serving J's from the spot, back at Ray's form the Cos'


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