The Firm - Euroz et Easy Redd Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de The Firm de Euroz, Easy Redd

The Firm est une chanson de Euroz, Easy Redd pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 22/01/2014.

Les paroles de The Firm ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable qu'il y ait toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Uh, niggas wit yo homies should be pullin out
Been killin niggas, shit we probably got a warrant out
I'm just a G like a nigga took the one out
The upper coming nigga niggas wanna know more about
They ain't fuckin with my line of work
I write dope shit, no one allowed to worry
Nigga you ain't her, I'm bout to blow like my nose been closed to a line of work
I'm putting rap niggas inside the dirt
Don't knock the shit if you ain't tried it first
What I do? Create a wave
And these fake niggas caught theyselves tryna surf
Bars like a headshot, it blow minds
She thinks your dick but she blows mine
Bitch I'm on a different high, takes more than hatin to ever blow mine
Who writin raps about me?
That's a suicide note
Don't play games with niggas
I don't even know the conso and I...

Kray 2

Kray deuce
A'ight fuck it

No Twitter shit, I'm a leader and niggas follow
That matter, put em to rest
Now that's a Sleepy Hollow
Take a bitch nigga head off
Shoot led off
Out the window then I spit off
You dead boss, tell that hoe to keep her legs crossed
I don't need the devils to buy that shit
I have yo head loss
I'm just tryna gangrene it
Gotta chop my leg off
Choppas start to rockin
Now them niggas laid in red sauce
Pause that, yall niggas is all rats
My youngins, they all clap
Ovation, when the feds get to askin questions I don't know Nathan
Got that molly, got that white bitch, I am so racist
Welcome to my home, keep the bodies in my cold basement
Malpractice, no patients
Yo block, so vacant
Better sniff this line, think you the law if you don't take it
And we won't take that Kali
From the slums is very grimy
And that reaper right behind me
But I'm strapped so come and find me
Fuck em

Fuck em
Kray 2

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