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Paroles de Jazz In The Church de Euroz, Easy Redd

Jazz In The Church est une chanson de Euroz, Easy Redd pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 22 janvier 2014.

Les paroles de Jazz In The Church ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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My whip is the newest
My crib is secluded
My bitch is the cutest
Bread, my niggas pursue it
W's, we not into the losin
Separate me from these lames, I'm not into confusion
Countin blessings and cash
Then contemplate all the shit that we destined to have
My current chick flawless and all my ex's is bad
Life's short, I'm never trippin off shit I left in the past
Why? Because it's all about progression
It's all about yo team when you splittin money in sections
Thinkin you the shit til some bigger shit's what you step in
My ego's so convinced that I'm not too far from the legends
I really do this shit you hear me say in the raps
You know I'm bout to blow, so ahead, stay in the lap
We don't fuck with badminton but we playin with racks
Hoes tell me that they love me, I ain't sayin it back
I think it's time I warned bitches
That my heart's cold so dress warm bitches
The pen wagon is leaving
Pedal to the floor, bitches

The haze hits the air
My jewelry glistens and amazed people stare
Everything casual, I blaze the affair
I'mma keep collectin revenue til gray's in my hair
The difference between us? I am gifted
Anything get you lifted we gon ship it
Our cup runeth over, these bitches wanna sip it
My heart cold as ice,
These bitches must be trippin
I ain't slagging on my pimpin
Show you how I'm livin
Take her to the strip and tell that bitch to bust a mission
Life about decisions
We gon take the wealthy route
Hater motivated so you marks really help me out
I could point a finger, get you marked, they gon stretch you out
Bring you to my corner, get you cornered, they won't let you out
You can pray to God but that nigga he can't help you out
Or you could try your odds, an attempt to pull yo weapon out
No, don't recommend it
Jimmy Hendrix descendant
Real rap, no gimmicks
All you rap niggas timid
Until I'm on top all you rap niggas imit
If he got the juice beat him to a pulp, now he finished

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