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Paroles de Can She Live de Lloyd Banks

Can She Live est une chanson de Lloyd Banks pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 24/07/2012.

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Damn man, can she live?
Can she do the thing with the k
You tryina turn a hoe to a housewife
And she wanna go back to the crib
Damn man is you mad
Tryina send that ass home in a cab
That pussy worth your whole damn world
That must be the best one you ever had
You looking for a treat then you don't want me
Just tryina get paid and I fuck for free
You a bird nigga you paying the bills
Fucking with me, she lucky she chills

Hold, hold up, stop, stop the press
Cut it back to them, drop hoes for less
You gonna stay your line I won't play with your mind
I'm all day on the grind, I won't stress
Sex stop cause I'm fucking all night
Screwing all day, i'ma try these new moves on shay
Tell her call her friend chante
Sugar and kesha, we all gonna party my way
She lost her mind, she on to click, we bond and shit
You know ...shit, cause if I knew the things you know
You can bet my roland gonna fire quick
And that was for every nigga I know g's don't follow me
Got my eyes well
Niggas as feel real good did they real need the tomorrow


Boy what's up with that heat
Heat can't fuck us up it's too late
You working that nerves dog you won't break
You can take any time you want, she gonn wait
You know anything goes when I get them in the game
I don't know, prolly make a tape
Tape her ass up nigga shake
Put her ass in the doggy ...make a play
4 bones in the row
Bout my dog, I don't love no hoe
Pretty girls wanna be around my show
Nigga no means no cut it out let her go
Living fast, suck my dick slow
That the honor roll
Spending whole damn day watching me
That watching never got time no more


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