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Paroles de Do Or Die de 3Oh!3

Do Or Die est une chanson de 3Oh!3 pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 30 mai 2012.

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We on 3 nights and no sleep
Roll with those who know me
We chillin' up so high we can find it in the nose please
Fresh kicks and yes seats diamond on both feet
We're living like we don't care what's tomorrow gonna be
Everybody in this place is out upon is gonna see
That everything I need is right in front of me

So throw upon your way and let the night decide
'cause when the sun goes down you'd better put your side
'cause baby is do or die
Baby is do or die
So throw upon your way and let the night decide
'cause when the sun goes down down down ..
Baby is do or die

..the poor night is still awake
Shake so bad I need to take
One shot for my lady and twenty for those I got em
Don't feel bad I'm okay watch transform my..
Standing on the table counting ..


I'm thinking that this beast is a part of me
'cause I can't seem to sleep for the deaf in me
So I throw away my fallin at the night decide
Then I can ever settle down until the day I die

Oh no, we did it again
We stay all night and we ain't sleepin in
We don't know where I have been
I got the devil hidin underneath my skin
Drink on we need a medicine
If we want it we dime to the night my friend
Everything comes to an end
So you don't .. to the dime again

Baby is do or die

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