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Paroles de Dope de King Los, Pusha T, Yo Gotti

Dope est une chanson de King Los, Pusha T, Yo Gotti pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 29/04/2013.

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To celebrate my new haters
I just bring a new whip out
End up fuckin' your main girl
Then park this shit at your bitch house
Paid 100K for my necklace
They wanna bring 100 Ks to my crib
Nigga, it's 100 ways to get got
Then make you pay 100K for your kid
Have him at the crack house with the dope fiends
The dim lights and the smokescreens
Let him smell the aroma from a coke coma
If you listen close, you'll hear souls scream
From the block, chillin' with the shooters
That was in a pot, tryna whip up future
My dogs scrape the walls of that Pyrex
As I thank the Lord for my progress

[Refrain] Los
'Cause all my chains is gold
Man, my rings and Rollies is gold
All my dames is "go"
Ballin' like I'm slangin' that dope
I got that dope, got that, got that dope
Got that, got that dope
I got that dope, got that, got that dope
Got that, got that dope
Screaming: "I can't fuck no broke bitch"
I smoke that West Coast shit
Rollin' with my top down
'Cause I be on that dope shit
I got that dope, got that, got that dope
Got that, got that dope
I got that dope, got that, got that dope
Got that, got that dope

Pusha T
King Los with the kingpin
King Push, you'd better king him
King's ransom for a kilo
Took mine and built a kingdom
Open doors for overlords
Overdo it, overboard
This Coupe causin' you pain, nigga
Peel the top back like an open sore
My niggas is caged in, I tell 'em be patient
'Raris we racin' - nights at the Day's Inn
Paid off - they comin' home made men
New gods, in the new Auds, we lose y all
You a Dodge, nigga, like the new charge
This dope money, we can prove ours

[Refrain] Los

Yo Gotti
I need a celebrity bitch
So I can be a groupie nigga
Ten million dollars, but I'm still in the streets
So they're saying I'm a stupid nigga
I might be, but then again I might not
I can show you how to make 8 bands off a pound of kush
And 35 off a white block
I can show you how to drop the top on a Phantom
Show you how to unload that hammer
When I say "cocaine," mercy, my nigga
Add That Architect To My Drama ?
Say my words slurred, I got birds
They sip syrup, she got curves
Got kicked out the house, gettin' up on my nerves
Plus she head I'm fuckin' with that dope...

[Refrain] Los

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