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Paroles de Same Party (All My Hoes) de Red Cafe, Fabolous, King Los

Same Party (All My Hoes) est une chanson de Red Cafe, Fabolous, King Los pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis le 14 décembre 2012.

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I can't even hit the club no more, man
It's like
I get 50 texts from 50 different bitches
Ah, shit!

All my hoes at the same party, at the same party
All my hoes at the same party, at the same party
They my hoes, they my hoes
They my hoes and they my hoes
Say my hoes, they my hoes
They my hoes and they my hoes
Said you met a badass bitch last night
Wouldn't be surprised if it ain't my hoe

King Los
Just saw my bitch Keisha
She was off of molly
My bitch molly smoke that Keisha
Geekin' at the party
Duckin' my bitch holly
She bad as shit but be beggin'
Tank top, heels on
Fat as shit in them leggings
I'm like: "that's that shit I don't like"
They hang around, and be posted up
Actin' bad and be broke as fuck
I tell 'em suck a dick or come roll the blunt
One bitch text: "i see you"
I'm like: "bitch, the whole club see me"
I don't know if she mad or not
I see her later when she sub-tweet me
Got a good girl, a nasty bitch
Got a redbone, I got a ratchet bitch
I got a hood rat, I got a classy bitch
And got a lesbo that might snatch your bitch
She go hard, she might smack a bitch
My hoes 'bout that action bitch
I swag a hoe and I mack a bitch
I'll bag your hoe, you'd better ask a bitch


Red Cafe
There's some hoes in this house
Tryin' to fuck
And it's all good
'cause they fuckin' us
This that bad boy
Them bad bitches, they fuck with us
Them hoes from Amsterdam
I'm skippin' 'em, double dutch
Wait, there go veronica
She blow like harmonica
She was actin' bougie
Then I told her I'm signing her
That girl got nasty
Cut her hair like Cassie
Wanna roll play when I'm shaggin' her
In a taxi, I talk trashy
I got young hoes, old hoes
Never been a nigga with no hoes
I got hella hoes, last few weeks
I done fucked around, went and got better hoes
Might sound cliché
But cash rules, I act fool
I shit on hoes, no bathroom
Sex, drugs and tattoos


All my hoes got somethin' in common
All my hoes in the club that I'm in
Right now I'm lookin' for somethin' to fuck
And all my hoes got perfect timing
Doggie, doggie, diamond
Eeny, meeny, miny, hoe
I'm just piggy, don't mind me though
You can't be a major nigga with a minor hoe
All my hoes be thinkin' I want 'em
Quit tryin' to mind read, hoe
How many times i'mma lose your number
And you come and find me, hoe
All my hoes be bad as shit
All they asses be fat as shit
Wanna be happy, I'll take her home
My other hoes gon' be mad as shit
Sub-tweeting, tweet-gramming
Hopin' that it get back to me
Might even go fuck one of you lames
Just so they can get back at me
Few of my hoes caught dui's
These cops had the nerve to call my phone
Said they came from the same party
He blamed me cause they all my hoes

[Refrain] (x2)

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