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Erase Me est une chanson de Kid Cudi, Kanye West pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 06/07/2010.

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She said I don't spend time like I really should
She said she don't know me, anymore
I think she hates me deep down, I know she does
She wants to erase me hmmmmmm

A couple days no talking, I seen my baby
And this what she tells me, she said

I keep on running, keep on running
And nothing works
I can't get away from you, no
I keep on ducking, keep on ducking
And nothing helps
I can't stop missing you, yeah

It's like I'm her new nightmare, she ain't escaping
It makes me feel a bit complete, yeah
Knowing someone you love don't feel the same way about ya
Memories they soon delete, hmmm

A couple weeks no talking, I seen my baby
I've missed you so damn much, hey
I wish we could start over, I told my baby
This what this bitch tells me, she said


Cuz I'm in the magazines
On the TV
No matter where you are you might hear me
I'm in the magazines
On the TV
No matter where you go you might see me

Hello, Uh, I'm Yeezy
She said, "Hi I'm Aria"
No, you an angle you wave hi to Aaliyah
I got a show in Korea, they built a new arena
Why don't you come and watch a nigga tear the whole scene up
I know I seen ya before, but don't know where I seen ya
Oh I remember now, it's something that I dreamed up
Don C says she cool, but don't let her fuck your cream up
Monica Lewinski on the dress she'll take ya to the cleaner (…)

Sure enough a week later I'm an extra love
And everybody know she mine, so she extra plugged
Every bouncer, every club show her extra love
We just praying the new fame don't get the best of us

But all good things gotta come to a end (…)
She let it go to her head, no not mind reader
The height of her shopping was writer's blocking me
I couldn't get me shit out anyway
I hope you die Aria (diarrhea)


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