Hand Clap - Elijah King et T-Pain et Young Cash Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Hand Clap de Elijah King, T-Pain, Young Cash

Hand Clap est une chanson de Elijah King, T-Pain, Young Cash pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 26/04/2011.

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She's so fly look how she dress
If I'ma say so myself I am impressed
You know she got designer shoes
With the matching purse
Yeah shawty you did it, so where's the run
Can I get a hand clap
Can I get a hand clap
Can I get a hand clap
Can I get a hand clap from her
She's so fun
She deserves a round of applause

Elijah King
She independent, she got her own
... for all that money, she ain't to stay home
My baby handle business and when are all alone
She put it down for daddy until ..anymore
All night, all night, all night girl
This feeling's so right, so right, so right
Knew we got a ..
It's been my whole life.. from my first time
Anytime we .. she's so ..


..can I get a witness... never get this
But if you get .. the pictures
I'ma have to catch you with the witness
Deep inside into my mind all day
So I can imagine .. gotta ..witness.. blow me kisses
But I can't go up it's like going down...
... but I don't need a ..


I know you know the feeling when the sexy girl goes walking by
She turn so fly, put your hands up to the ceiling
If you wanna take her home tonight, put it on the ..


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