The Party Anthem - Timbaland et Lil Wayne et T-Pain et Missy Elliott Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de The Party Anthem de Timbaland, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Missy Elliott

The Party Anthem est une chanson de Timbaland, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Missy Elliott pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 02 janvier 2013.

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1,2 1,2
1,2 1,2
Everybody hands up in the air
1,2 1,2
Let me see your drinks up in the air
1,2 1,2

It's the modern day tony stark
Biggest dog in the game with the biggest bark
Money, money, money, money don't make the man
Man make the money with the biggest that's the plan
I gotta,gotta,gotta got these niggas goin nuts
Raisin bottles in the air money they throwin up
Peep my, peep my, peep my, peep my, peep my game boy
When its all said and done, I'm hall of fame boy
I'm ridin, ridin, ridin, ridin in that new ghost
With my business partner,.. with french folks
Call me, call me, call me, call me tim the party man
Being in the clubs and radio all in one command
Now show your hands

[Refrain] T-pain
Ok, ok lets get it jumpin
Turn up the speakers
Can you hear the bass bumpin'?
Tweekers tweakin man,
I came hear to party pass the cup around
Put your hands in the air, move em up and down
Hey, give me a bottle and fuckin cup
Fuck that cup, I'm bout to turn this bottle up
Cause I came here to party, pass that cup around
Put your hands in the air, move em up and down

Lil Wayne
I heard somebody said he wasn't dead yet
They should of never said that
Young tunechi got the game down pat sajek
Even though I'm paid in full, all I want is payback
Man fuck these niggas, pause
I sprinkle kill the world and fuck em all in my cigars
I make the motherfuckers bow down, no applause
And all my goons wired up like broken jaws
I rep that motherfuckin red flag put you in a dead bag
I get bread, you get the crumbs at the bottom of the bread bag
My letters is ym, shout out my man slim
I'm fuckin with timb and my girl, I'm fuckin her friends


Missy Elliott
(lets go) country bitch from virginia
See the way the crowd go wild when mister meana about to enter
Everybody better bow down when I step up to the mic, front and center
Sayin I'm too old to rap, I'll be rappin til I wear dentures
Yeah, hello haters
You mad? pick your chin up
What I say about runnin your mouth?
You better respect your mentors
I'm so relentless, four colder than a winters
I'm pretty in the face, and I should pose for a pin up
I drank my gin up
I'm on the mic, I'm back with Tim
We lookin good like working out up in the gym
Everybody wanna see us competition, we don't see em
Ain't nothing change, we ahead of the game above the rim
This how we do


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1,2 1,2
Everybody hands up in the air
1,2 1,2
Lemme see your drinks up in the air
1,2 1,2

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