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Paroles de Heaven de Jake Miller

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I been on my grind for a while now
I got my top down, music loud, ridin round
Feel like I'm in heaven
I feel like I'm in heaven
So if you feelin how I'm feelin come and ride along
You can find me in the sky with a smile on
Feel like I'm in heaven
I feel like I'm in heaven

Yea, see I got one time and never gave up
No time to sleep and I stayed up
Leavin niggas in the dust like wait up
Throwin money in the air, we paid up
I'm self-made since 5th grade
Yea, every night, man I prayed for this
I grabbed life by the goddamn balls
Always knew that I was made for this
Well this is all so strange
Been twice and my whole life changed
Gotta take advance and I shit my pants
Now I'm ridin round in my Range
See I never stop, never back down
I got big dreams in a small town
I fly in the world but perform for the night
Took it back so goodnight then I'm homebound
Woo, woo, see that's how we roll
Round and around and around we go
Just tour the country, just signed a deal
And I ain't even 21 years old
I swear to God I waited my whole life to say this
But I leave at that, after all this time I'm startin to feel like I made it
Feels like I got the world in my pocket
Sometimes I think I'm dreamin
Yea, I got it in the bag, I ain't sayin nothing bad
But it's time to give us something to believe in
Man this shit's too good to be true
The top is where we headed
I swear I think I'm bout to go to heaven
'Cause now I'm singing


Yea, I threw my old life out the window, snap back on my team rolls
Yall set the bar high and my girls get low
Ain't talkin about no limbo
Got a scholarship but I turned it down
Not to give and I earned it now
I'm makin a killin, step in the building
Flow so hard that I burn it down
I'm makin it rain and I'm pourin it up
I dreamed about it every night growing up
Still the way down the bikini bottom
Now I'm blowin up like I miss this puff
Then she screamin my name so loud
Been to school, mama wasn't so proud
Two years later runnin round stage on her birthday with another sold out crowd
I see you climb in the back of the shows now
Singing along to my songs
Tears of joy 'cause your little boy is right where he belongs
They say you miss the shots you don't take
Well I guess I made it in
Guess I'm doin what I love and I'm troubling the world
At a time I don't even know what coulda been
So I dedicate this song to the kids that were just like me
Anybody who's been talkin good enough
Anybody out there with a dream
'cus I'm still standin tall after the million times that I've fell
But I guess sometimes you get to heaven
First you gotta go through hell, I'm singin


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