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Paroles de HOV Lane de Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj vous propose les lyrics de HOV Lane, la chanson de son album Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded.
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Nicki Minaj
Zipping, I'm zipping, I'm zippin'
Soon as they come out, I'm dippin'
Big ass closet, I'm trippin'
Big booty strippers, I'm tippin'
Big ass chain, I'm heavy
And it didn't cost me a penny
They pay me to rock it
Damn, I got niggas in pocket
Superbowl; Grammys
What a hell of a jammie!
All these bitches my sons
I'mma get 'em a nanny
Argentina for Pepsi; Orlando All-Star
Fuck you said, bitch?; Fuck you, pornstar
I don't do shotgun, I be driving my own car
I don't do shots, neither, I'm buying the whole bar
Holy mollie G copped me a Rolly
I ain't catchin' the puck but iced out like a goalie, nigga

[Refrain] (x4)
I'm in the HOV lane
I'm in the HOV lane
(And you, y-you-you, you? Soul Train.)

Nicki Minaj
I travel more than you walking with a basketball
I'm out in Spain, running games with the El Matador
I'm in my own lane, you ain't in my categor
You like a Rav 4; I'm like the Aventador
Birkin bags, man I murk them ads
When I re-up on reloaded, I'mma hurt them bad
Every shoot is hot; when I'm out, I'm spotted
They gone frame the receipt if I sign the dotted
N-N-Niggas on Banshees is speedin'
Dirt bikes is out for the season
Back break wheelie and leanin'
Damn, a bitch late for a meetin'
NYPD comin'
Belt Parkway, we gunnin'
Double our engine hummin'
Acting a fool, we dumbin'

[Refrain] (x4)

Nintendo and we in the end-zone
I don't give a fuck ho
Like we in the friend zone
What the fuck it look like
What the fuck it's hitting fo'
Tell them bitches
"Y-y-y-y-you you ain't about that life!"
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