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Paroles de I Know de Styles P

I Know est une chanson de Styles P pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le samedi 13 octobre 2012.

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Heroine addicts, arms got needle in it
Jails is packed, niggas is getting diesel in it
Streets is wild, niggas is all evil in it
I m16 to kill the people in it, cocaine currency is calculated
A lot of wolves, but only the real alphas make it
If it's war then the blood gonn flow
I might tell you some shit, but not all I know

I know the coke game, I know the dope game
I know the shooters, and jack boy, the whole game
I know the fast cars, I know the fast hoes
I know the niggas that hustle to get fast dough
I know

Summer time, fly niggas will pull the whips out
Stepping out the penthouse, the kush from the zips out
It's usually black label if I'm dipped out
Hit the strip, make sure and get shit made out
...drinking pan on the wall, about to open up the car to play me number 4
Yeah I've seen it before, niggas will kill you with the...
Mama send a team to turn, we're tryina smile cause we poor
Me, I'm with the beamer with boys that make noise
The noise is real but we down to a fake joy
Ask me while I'm smoking the tenant the saint roy
Tryina move around the world while ...a girl and boy
Pink diamonds, like pink panther
Never ask the question, after missing link answers
Cuban link big knots and think dancers
This the fast life, sick like cancer


Riding out again I said fuck em all
Shoot a nigga first, rock the sucker for
Yeah I move squares but I love to ball
Morning 6thous in this game nigga, fuck a call
Lot of cops on the block, tryina duck them all
Lot of gunshots nigga better duck em all
Lot of models in this party here for sucking off
Lot of rich niggas really trina fuck them all
Broke niggas massed up on the wall
They don't really live this life, they don't really love the mall
You ask me, I say fuck them both
45 with the grip that's rubber close
Keep my enemies and my brothers close
You ain't high the first time, fuck it, take another dose
And there will never be another ghost
I'm my brother's keeper, fuck around and get your brother smoked


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