Reckless - Styles P et Raekwon Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Reckless de Styles P, Raekwon

Reckless est une chanson de Styles P, Raekwon pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mardi 16 avril 2013.

Les paroles de Reckless ont été corrigées, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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I'm accustomed to getting fast dough
It takes that whole work by they asshole
Standing by the pool in a bath robe
Bullet in yo C's or your afro
Lookin at the don and the Eiffel
Be the biggest prize if real niggas was rappin
You baffled, throw you off the scaffel
Gon hit with the scalpel like the doctor
Rap style proper and I'm a gun popper
West side highway flyin coke chopper
Only fuck with niggas that prosper
Bitch ass niggas love to gossip
Getting high fully, get Kennedy
Get yo ass turned to a memory
Remember he, remember him
Played me nigga, you'll never win

All soofoo, all loco

You don't owe me nothing but real rap
Under the laundry bag is still wap
Shoot first, not from sideways, niggas is young boys
Ringers is OJ's, blow crazy
Under the building, Poltergeist in it
Sucked in the low best with ice in it
Buy cars, runnin through Mars, snatch yo jewels and dip dodge
And don't make me whip, it's sergeant now
It's drop in the 718
Roll out, 11 niggas, snitches gon hate
We're strapped to the max, hit the light as the indoor cyphers
Do anything to kill more Nikes up
Growling with the wolves and the world riches
Mostly yall niggas' hoes is real bitches
Catch you in the flicks, know the game 456
We brought the cocaine with the quick

All soofoo, all loco

We in the same game but it's different innards
Yea it's polo but it's different in it
Got a gun but never been on a mission with it
Seen crack but never been in the kitchen with it
Never caught a nigga slippin with it
You just rappin like a criminal
I'm a criminal rappin, a 5 star general
Fuck fake niggas, the message ain't subliminal
Better take yo vitamins and minerals
You talk a lot and the bullets when I'm the interview
So wutchu say now?
Free shit, got bullets to give away now
Free shit, you get down or lay down
But once you laid down you stay down
'Cause that's 2 to the dome piece
Bullets in the air like the phone piece

All soofoo, all loco

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