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Paroles de Sleep Walking de Berner, Styles P

Sleep Walking est une chanson de Berner, Styles P pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis octobre 2012.

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A real legends undergrounds king shit
I wake up in the morning sometimes I don't need
This just stay away from my lips
'cause she eat dick, forty count on my head
We can in the beef quick
I put fifty on the road and let the ay see blah
I'm just seating in my room and I can't see more
I'm counting money with wales and real factions like rich
I'm in the streets like the square jar that doesn't exist
My name is good in the air I'm at the mention with nice
Two aces spare gold, magnum bottle on ice
I'm in Ohio for weeks, we ain't in being freeze
Yeah flooded with weed so I flew in the cream
I got shut town next on my list,
Twenty bricks in the dudge make a car, make a sent me to chips
I get drunk and black out and just trying forget
On the shit I deal with the key I good weed lip
I got famous in the streets they say you don't need rap
They just love the girl scow in the og pack
H town, great towns back on grabble was then
I'm in the ass class Benz pulling up to miran
Next shining like a disco bar
He taught me how to rip up..
My whole click got the chips up high
Champagne money for real
Two gram for the mill, new pet in the grill
I'm talking brand new land, cush plans by the feel
A lot of brand new hands out after the deal

I'm sleep walking, running from faces I see orphans
Sometimes I feel lost don't wanna wake up in the cuffin
Maybe I'm numb from the game now
'cause I don't feel nothing from the pain now
I'm sleep walking, looking at pictures but they ain't talking
Sometimes I feel lost don't wanna wake up in the cuffin
Maybe I'm numb from the game now
'cause I don't feel nothing from the pain now
I'm sleep walking yeah

It's the ghost with the burner in the ay
Probably holdin on the burn up in the bay
Cookies a sure burn up I wanna burn up every day
Sweet walking never could shake the streets orphan
Guns as attached couldn't take this piece often
You know that boy need a piece pipe paper
Dutches 'cause he's right by the street lights
They wanna go on, they wanna go off
They could bout the money in the sheet he could show off
Nice car, nice watch, i'ma life pot to my life stop
You know the ghost be on the heavy shit
Earn baby earn and get a nigga a trippy stick
A sleep walking I'm walking in my sleep
Mother fucking I'm rapping on cuffin on the beat is sleep


I sleep walk with the ghost three bags in my coat
I slap em in the faces and take the forty count as throw
I'm mw bound two bricks in the boat
And got this little bitch trippin off the shit that I smoke
And deep south too turn fuckin I'm young
I only like it one time unless it's good with the tongue
I keep shit, weed leat, shit dutches and road
I take a quarter mill cashin fuck it I love
I'm with two white girls on the bitch on brasil
Drinking plum in my dreaming ain't no way this is real
I got my stone shitting crazy and the sunlight
You only live one life, three suns and gun fights
All I need is one light, past me the smoke I'm chill out
Until it's my time to go
This time feel yeah I'm feelin like this life is a joke
So I pull my weed out, break it down
Light up and smoke I sleep


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