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Paroles de In The Air de Vado

In The Air est une chanson de Vado pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en mai 2013.

Les paroles de In The Air ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent encore des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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We Da Best
Touch smooth, wuddup?
And Meech
Test smooth, straight face, you remember

Rest in peace to von zip
Zip code, 7-5 where the stars went
Back to back cuz whips out front black on black
Roses on the dashboard, show stacks on stacks
Get it, like French did, wrist big
This kid was heavy with metal like Limp Bizkit
Fred Durst, the bisk is at yo head first
Got head first, on the JB was dead thirst
A hell work, Pharrel mack, my next route
Kirk Love, CB, Dan Coo was the best out
Wanted the BM's, no number left off
We the M series, no top, chest out
100 tips, the 55th
Paladino the Riverside
Valentino for niggas Oz
Bought the whole team kicks, gang dig, what's the nigga size
(I got yall)
See them lost who they were for
Come traps, had to be M popped into Boston
Don divas, palm heaters was gone for
Whitey PV, that's breacher, you better walk off
Uh, from Nautica to a rugby top
Breakfast at pim pim, dirty kitchen, the doggie spot
From rooftop at club Body the bottles pop
Soon as I left the backdoor I heard Latty shot
Damn, NFL, the same gang
40 wolves, the names ring
I'm in the hood like bang bang
What a gun want from rich mob? Get chain swing
Enough of that, uptown we love to rap
Judgin on the corner, I came from under that
Just waitin til the sun, I want more and yo son is back
Quiet when it storm but my storm - I thunder that
Hard snals, bumpin some mob style
Crazy like AZ, I could've been chopped down
OG's Maybe, never gave me the run around
For that we'll never be that, rappin don't come around
So it's cookouts, bus trips just to play
Cases of Rose, who B-day is it today?
It's niggas that hold weight and it's niggas that ain't straight
Niggas that sold shake in places that ain't safe
Rollie gold face, Balys no lace
Matchin Porsches, wild horses go race
Now we're getting the fee, 5000 in one taste
Double goose Cuban link and the trials is gunplay

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