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Paroles de Stop Being Greedy (Freestyle) de Vado, Ace Hood

Stop Being Greedy (Freestyle) est une chanson de Vado, Ace Hood pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 15/01/2014.

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Ace Hood!
We better than them!
We da best!

I let the AK go at yo 88 door
Hit yo playmate mo, ticket day they roll
I don't talk, if it's war nigga say no more
Ask Papi, I bought em all so it ain't no mo
Yo! I'm forever paid, more gators than Everglades
Tailor made, car spinnin, you see every wave
My jealous lace, vanilla rafe
Cut the penthouse, Central Park west, Costello's place
Yea, that's hella cake, I'm hella up
Gold yellow dub, hind the 7 like mellow dunks
Yes, firin a weapon, you better duck
Sittin poolside in a mink tank and leather trunks
Just cus, fuckin just does
3 quarter furs unbutton for just hugs
Show the Cuban links like it's nothing, we just thugs
Number one, I used to be pumpin with just dubs
Runnin with just drugs, Mary and Jonesy
Can checkers respect us cus we carryin nosy
Tired of spittin on records how I'm better than those men
Smoke cigars with plackers like I'm next for the chosin
2M just on a wristwatch
Where I'm from, who them? They get this shit rocked
Crumps we do them, that was the brick block
Lynch block, loose ends and Charlie crib's pops
Yea, man down for 10th Ave
Thomas crowned in a new S, the 6 pound
Jewish E just be the charger, mistrial
My mind go far when I write like pen pal
It's my turn, if I die the sky burn
Pop slum girl from the roof like how I learn
Used to be in school cantaloupe like why I learn?
Headshots, blood down yo face like side burn
Young walkin targets, set to clip yo apartment
Rip the plastic so yo couch shoves on yo carpet
Infrared between beds like yo mas me
Got my man and valet handling parking
And next lamas checks commas
Few things that came with that weed, the best bomber
Two things remain, that's respect, honor
Spit flames and true name like Jeff Dahmer

Ace Hood
I'm next level, don't sweat em
I'm mo better, my flow is a trend setter
See most you niggas faker than pocket to Coachella
I'm king of the south, you king like coretta
With suicide bars, you jokers are Heath Ledger
They hear the name Ace, is fearin them 3 letters
I'm too clever, you knew better, you do get er
Can see the boy never in neckle whomever
I'm still focused, my eyes opened, I'm God chosen
I'm so reloaded, the city better but I ain't noticed
I'm in a Lotus, you see me rollin, just blowin tottin
A 9 mm, can see that you wanna meet it
A couple Jesus pieces to keep away from the demons
And Shawty suck it slow, when I'm comin just touch the semen
And fuck them niggas like Kim, I really mean it
I only know it's murder, you must've got amnesia
I'm a beast motherfucker, you read it and weep
Still hatin on the truth, I hope you die in yo sleep
We the best in my blood, ain't no sympathy seen
Yea you know who the team, you still chasin the dream
I've been high for a minute like I was wanted for killin
Better pay some attention, I go for Elliot Wilson
There's a bomb in yo lobby, sorry you cannot defend it
I've been tickin and can't pretend if you like what you hearin
Fuck that! See I'm out of my mind, I'm on Columbine
I wanna take the spot of the people I idolize
Before I ever die I'm the realest, it's finalized
My niggas go to war, then I'm wit it, I gotta ride
Where's Funk Master Flex? Gon drop the bomb
I'm a young legend, give it to em raw
Rap game mine, that was for the blogs
Me and Vado ridin, yea we tryna kill em all
You don't wanna see a pitbull pissed off
Have yo whole town out morning yo loss
Snitch niggas get it, dog that should be law
Have em catchin bullets like he fuckin Randy Moss
Tryna get peace, I don't even sleep
You'll get the picture on Starvation 3 nigga
January 17th ah

Ace Hood
See I did this shit for fun nigga
Did this shit cus I was bored
Ain't nothing harder than what we doin nigga
Ace motherfuckin Hood bruh
Vado, wuddup nigga
We the mothafuckin best ah!
What's happenin bruh?
Yall hear that motherfuckin beast comin through the headphones, ah?
Funk Flex wuddup?

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