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Paroles de Straight For The Summer de Vado, Fabolous

Straight For The Summer est une chanson de Vado, Fabolous pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 22 juillet 2013.

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Straight for the summer
Straight for the summer
In shape for the summer
She gonna be straight for the summer
In shape for the summer.
Straight for the summer
Straight for the summer
Ass poking out, stomach poking in
Just got her new membership at the gym
Goin hard all winter just so she can be

Ma, what's the word though?
It's me spiff, Kirko (yes!)
Two straps showing no ... (yes!)
Great fives on his black purple
Keep a nice shake, number eight, two circles.
She in my vein like an RV, aha
In that new thing color high C, aha
That's my boo thing, nigga try me
Love to show her shoe game on the RG
I can't wait for the summer!
Shit lookin great for the summer!
A... man lotta cake in the summer
An iron man audio 8 in the summer
No coke I got a live one, yeah
Always turnt up a do or die one
Any bird that I have she a fly one
Long fur let it drag on the....


Shawty so cold, she get hate for the summer
Tight some dress look great for the summer.
Looking ass, niggas couldn't wait for the summer
Like, "damn girl, you gained a little weight for the summer!"
New bitches at the house renovate for the summer
All want to stay can't hate on a slumber
Party Shawty, shape like a number
Eight, 458 for the summer
I get a nigga bitch hooked like bait for the summer
She ain't coming out hibernate for the summer
Can't find they everything coming out neither
Nigga, ain't no release date for the summer!
Thirsty ass niggas, I ain't got nothing for ya
I'mma let your ass dehydrate for the summer
I fuck with my niggas getting paper like a printer
Standing tall like centers had to grind all winter to be


Ah, that's how you do that there?
Deserve to make head turns like, "who that there?"
VIP whole team, my crew back there (yes!)
We're the best and you're new back there.


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