Joan Of Arc - Ryan Leslie Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Joan Of Arc de Ryan Leslie

Joan Of Arc est une chanson de Ryan Leslie pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 25 mars 2011.

Les paroles de Joan Of Arc ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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I wake up to detect messages in my email
This what I get for messin' wit pretty females
It's a crazy life - yeah it's a mad world
Where good dudes will betray you over a bad girl

And bad girls'll take advantage of good dudes
Smear your name in the press and call it good news
Oh he hot now? oh he blowin' up?
Call the cops - restraining order for showin' up

If I was you I'd be seeing if I was ok
We had a problem you didn't call me the whole day
Your girlfriend picked up the phone and hung up on me
Who is she to do that - she don't even know me

F* the "he say she say",
The 'blame game' blasting Kanye on the freeway
I called my mother up for advice she said son, you should hold your heart
Girls play the victim so well - Joan Of Arc

I took a chance on romance, I loved you
And now that it burns, still I yearn to touch you
And the question is
Who gon' love you like I love you, baby
Who gon' love you like I love you, now?
Who gon' love you like I love you, baby, baby

Listen, I know you must be mad look how you lost it
You should work it out wit me tho I'm the one who caused it
I should've cleaned the skeletons from my closet
Drivin' to my apocalypse with 400 horses

Drop dead gorgeous - unfair advantage
You deserve an emmy award for all your antics
Caught up in a battle of curse word semantics
Tryna find our way back home from Atlantis

You had your father call me - zero empathy
Reading about your new first date like it's meant for me
Tryna stay focused on winnin' - yeah, hold my course
Meanwhile you infiltrated my heart - a Trojan horse

They say in love and war - all's fair
But when you break up and go out - yeah, they all stare
Obfuscating the real reason we've grown apart
You played the victim so well - Joan Of Arc


Tryna figure out what the past meant
And since when a birthday gift is harassment
A rose gold bracelet nothing subliminal
You called your lawyer up said my actions were criminal

And now as I'm sittin with a pad in this motherf*ckin holding cell
I'm thinking how could you do this to me? you cold as hell
A young emperor exiled - Bonaparte
Everything I fought for, lost - Joan Of Arc


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