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Paroles de Like That de T.I.

Like That est une chanson de T.I. pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 18/05/2012.

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I think I know what they like

A want that
They want at
They like that
I think I know what they like
Hey won't at
They on at, they on at, yeah yeah

They want that young nigga dumb
Who you with where your from shit
The yang bangin rang hangin
What you're claiming crunk shit, hey
They like that, (hey)
They own that (hey)
They like that, (hey)
They want it super gutter ignorant
The new ghetto..
I've been the grips flipping dope boy trap nigga shit (hey)
Yeah they like that (hey)
They own that (hey)
They like that, (hey)
Yeah they want that

They want dynamic grippin chickin flippin just been gripping role that
Music do the shit so good that's the shit I know back
Money over everybody trapping when it cold that
Get me my grind go shine till I soul that
Get the K and some yey no hesitation in the spread nigga way
Hoes that the hays..a nigga play
Back in some shades and..with some niggas stay
Hey and my baby mama say she met a pardon yeah
Okay, everybody know me bitch and I'm hot
If you want it, oh I got it
If you f*cking me in that
See a ride 24 pocket full of jada not
You can trappin I'll be that soon as I'm be that
I'm tryin to..every hour who knew one day I'll be..
Can't be ..high, say you close the fly
As the sitting your niggas they don't wanna hear 'bout


Gangsta walking see me..bout my waste line
Feels the hangin..footin niggas and we talking
We can get it they want it
Still hang it on the corner slang
Dragon they wanna.. ah ah
Still the man and my trap is the bear from the ..
They rare in my trap, took a 200 gran in my strap
Only thing I got that in my laugh
Better double tripping and whipping been selling
Get rich and get out the game for snitches
Can get to tell em, magician with the..
I already feelin and.. they already can smell it
I was on the moon I'ma hustle till it's all gone
Nigga better recognize my grind
Go all over I'll never my my shine
If you bang it let me see it bang time one time


Nigga know I spit my whole life and that shit
And still around with me 'cause they like that shit
Yeah they like that (hey) they own that (hey)
They like that, (hey) yeah they want that
I used to live it I ain't ride that shit
Like I'm ridin that shit, why they like that shit
Yeah they like that (hey) they own that (hey)
They like that, (hey) yeah they want that


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