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Paroles de What It Do (Remix) de Trae Tha Truth, T.I.

What It Do (Remix) est une chanson de Trae Tha Truth, T.I. pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 15 janvier 2014.

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What it do?
Nigga what it do?
What it do?
Nigga what it do?

I don't give a fuck about that, all up in it, one of my racks
I ain't bout it, my trap, don't know nobody, better strapped
And hell a nigga better be round
What it do?
Shawty we about that life
Niggas snatch back that light
Nigga be half right
So my homeboy brought him on sight
When it's on, know it's on alright?
What it do?
Nigga don't want no problem, nigga don't want no drama
Nigga know I'm a head buster, nigga killer robber
Hundred round drop from the automatic rounder
What it do?
Hustle Gang in this bitch
All we wanna is get rich, all we do in here real
So just every nigga better keep killin
Got a problem with a nigga, better try to get this
What it do?
Ride all night on niggas
I'm a real OG, I don't like no nigga
AR15 on sight for a nigga
Won't take a loss, I take a life though nigga
What it do?
Nigga I ain't sayin you lame
If I got a problem I can get with that thing
Hustle Gang nigga, everything fuck around you
Should we all niggas be wearin that chain
What it do?

What it do?
Nigga what it do?
What it do?
Nigga what it do?

I'm in this Lambo playin with a choppa, I don't give a fuck about nothing
Hear niggas talkin, if you aks me niggas bluffin
I bet I had the whole hood bustin
What it do?
End of discussion, niggas want the business
Back up, niggas keep removing like a business
I trip and set bullets, pick up, getting that 20
I'm loading, keep going like I couldn't reach
Nigga I'm the king of the streets, ain't nobody gonna sit in this seat
Bitches get beaten, I put em in a coma, go to sleep
This hitter have you lookin fo yo feet
But that's all in yo cheek, cheap idea
Niggas switch this too, nigga leavin with a leak I'll pull up on yo block
With a asshole team that'll ride
Let go if you get hit for a week
What it do?
Wondering how whatever you bout
Bitch I'll get you in the hook then I'mma fuck up yo house bitch
Run up on the Truth, yea that's something I doubt
Bitch I'mma hit you with that light can nobody cut off bitch
What it do?
Alien motherfucker, nothing else to it
I ball first, can nobody else do it
If I only give it to you I'mma get that
I don't get back I'mma run worse through it
What it do?

What it do?
Nigga what it do?
What it do?
Nigga what it do?

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