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Paroles de I Wanna Know de Raekwon, Doe B, T.I.

I Wanna Know est une chanson de Raekwon, Doe B, T.I. pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 06/01/2014.

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Real niggas in the house
You already know
Niggas sit down and play pool and shit
But niggas don't know inside them motherfuckin pool balls is nothing but blow
Been getting money nigga
You already know, boy
Toes off, niggas let's go, man come on

Raised off a knucklehead block, you know the pattern
Black Reeboks all day, let's beat it captain
Posin in hostage, Wooldridge galacious
Clear gazelles, crushed diamonds in the boxes
Way it getting spiral, sneaker game rival
Front on me, see 24 caleigles
Join niggas a hand, well hold up, let me change shit
Feds is listening cali ghosts ran quick
Thugs blow alcohol, white bitches tap em all
So fuck their asses some, young bastard up
Icy in the Aspens so much dough it's elastic
Fuck with the choose crews and black fits
Might break a man, the heart that'll shake a man
Smack the bones out of yo skin, break a fam
We the veterans, so many little niggas feather skinned
Well corny dub, drown you in your leather kid
Slim thirsty, what's the word? Reimburse me
Two tags on, it's neck bird sweetie
Check writtin liars, pull a gold out of yo mouth
With rusty pliers, take down my flyers

You already know what it is nigga
This is not a game, this is not televised
This some shit that happened on a train nigga

I'm from the home of the cop killers, raised to be a ridin nigga
Rob niggas, shot niggas, you know I got this hal in me
Real deal, holy feel
They not authentic
Nah, these niggas half-baked, crab cakes
Bitch, it's baby Jesus, I could sneeze and make the ground shake
Show no pity, charging cities, niggas, outta town rate
Why you lil niggas sendin Wayne on the ounce plate?
I'm in my house shoes, making major balls moves
30 long, make the world move at a cold shoot
Old cats want they corner back, you know I'm off duty
They tryna keep up with him, your stars, I eat dust nigga
I'm startin to heat up nigga
The show, wuttup nigga
West Verdana, this is chess not checkers
Real finesser nigga, tryna molest his sister
Black mamba in my jungle possessed with venom
Heat former and I stop em, the rest is history
Small house, droppin off a 8 ball

To a big deal, 36 mill in my escro
You walk up with yo chest swole,
Make it deflate, Biggie and key send we away on that knee chain
Not cool what we do
38 special in my boot, I'll shoot you from my shoe nigga
My wife say it's a shame how you niggas
I said you want me to starve em out?
She said nah boo, get em
Showed er why I'mma handle all you niggas
Like the bitches that you are, don't make me get you out that car
And getting it goin in yo shit
Why you poppin off and boy you know I'm with this shit
We rollin slow, I'll get you here
Pull up on more and I'm with this shit
Hoe wherever you at
I'mma know it's wherever you at that's not where you better be at
Or else
Tell yo mama pick the cats to herself
Hope it make her feel better
You a dick, the first year I ease up
But he's still a dead motherfucker
Ain't no bullets in the gun, you know you scared motherfucker
And I'm still a bank head motherfucker
Whip the plug for the low for the bread motherfucker
I said I'm still a bank head motherfucker
Whip the plug for the low for the bread motherfucker

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