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Paroles de Non Stop de 50 Cent

Non Stop est une chanson de 50 Cent pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 05 octobre 2011.

Les paroles de Non Stop ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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Now I don't get along with these niggas anyway man
I wish a nigga....

You niggas won't believe I got the shooters to your shot
You think you're built for bumpin' heads with me well nigga you're not
This'll be the last time I try to f-cking warn you
Next time your ass out of line, bitch I'm on you
Nigga that security you got ain't getting paid
Enough to take some bullets or that 6 6 blade
You f-cking hesitate you gon need first aid
My blade'll turn a line man into a feather weight
Who me? I wanna warn you muthaf-ckers ain't seen nothing like me
Still looking for a ? and my wrist so icy
I tell the homies these niggas is full, eat 'em
They coming out the awards wearing their good clothes, need 'em
Take it off, tell that sucker "take it off"
They ain't come up how we came up, man they niggas so soft
Half man half dog man my niggas sense fear
Brought 'em here in a lear to take your audemere

Nigga round the clock non stop
Niggas is hungry on my block
I'm from south side nigga where the gangstas play
Make one false move and you're blown away
I make it so hot nigga my block
Seventeen clip filled up with nine shots
I'm from south side nigga where the gangstas play
Make one false move and get blown away

Don't get coffee with me p-ssy I told you before
It's outlaw, lawless I f-ck you up regardless
Niggas say they be work in I wanna see what they saying
Put that work in without a mans, bring me that nigga, chain him
Atl bet we can ar in the park
Make the parking lot sound like an iraq bar
Feel the mood change when I step through the door
Go head make me f-ck you up that's what we came here for
Gym star, carve you up nice
Have so much fun I wanna do it twice
That's my bitch on the pole
You tipping she's stripping
I'm known for tripping
I just slapped the clip in
599 ferrari state dipping
Cash getting, brick flipping
Straight clip in, good ghetto living
Big better vision
Bigger plans for a bigger bed to get in


Yeah, ya'll see me laying low, I got so much shit to say
I'm a play, we gon spar from now to the fight
You understand how this goes down right?
You seen this movie before, this a rerun
'fore what we call it? we call it get rich or die trying
Huh, d12 niggas that time
Nah nah nah, we call it the massacre.
We did 10 million that time
What we gonna call it?

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