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Paroles de Nothing To Say de Eve, Timbaland

Nothing To Say est une chanson de Eve, Timbaland pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 09 mai 2011.

Les paroles de Nothing To Say ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est probable qu'il y ait toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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Don't you hated when you try to do everything you can in life
Forget about yourself and hit it to your man right
Thought you had a plan but I guess you didn't plan right
He was on his own shit guess you didn't plan alike
You was trying to love a man he was trying to pull away
Friends don't know nothing of a man said it was a fool's day
You know they was right but of course you try to bay it right
Tried to play his game you bet you lost
New about the phone calls new about the girls
Pray that he will see different you opened his world now
Please believe you will never change a dog to a cat
You can only keep it moving keep it selfish let's go

I was wrong you are right
Boy I got nothing to say
I don't want to fight
Me and .. got nothing to say
Where were you last night
You think I am gonna tell you?
I got nothing to say
Girl come home tonight
I am not feeling you
I got nothing to say

Hey yo this is a little story about a chick
That's in love she was on cloud now
She thought she had that shit from above
And it's wild time just to figure out who he was
He had a believing he was the only thing she can love
She gave up everything friends fam that's how it does
You know those lies keep you .. drugs
One more chance I really felt that you've been this ..
And you left again by yourself tears in your ..
Know what I am talking about ladies get your strip on this song
We all been through it all you ain't through it alone
So I am gonna keep it going you just can keep it listening come on
Just be a therapy so when he call you up come on he said


All I ever anted
All I ever need it
Only one I love is you
All I ever anted
All I ever need it
Only one I love is you
All I ever anted
All I ever need it
Only one I love is you

Your love started off but it was short live
All the shit I wanted forever could never do it
Me thinking we are perfect together
Here goes the real shit
Only saw her with .. feeling stupid
I ain't in a fantasy now so fuck you
But I am taking all as a lesson I am through with it
Really is his lose his pain though we had a good ..
Now we are going the same he try to get me back
A lot of bagging and plead a lot of phone calls flowers and shit I don't need
You'll never fool me again you never care till I left
No more trying to pretend


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