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Paroles de Packers vs. Falcons de B.o.B

Packers vs. Falcons est une chanson de B.o.B pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées en janvier 2011.

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Welcome to Atlanta where the big boys roam
Coming live from the dome gotta be a bees home
Dream baded to a, and let them coming off a bowie
Practicing in a new hobby and the eagles
And the city of brother they love, now they looking up
Birds of prey hovering above
Packers again, hunting the big bird, how will ever stand ...?
How ... or maybe Aj hawk can be the falcon
But Maddy ice is ready to rip it out of his ...
Riders will probably .. a few cd's
I met ...planning on fire through his ...
Michael Turner is likely to earn him a couple of jaws
But the packers a whole new encore
And meanwhile the dirty bird ridey, ... got his winning wings on, he's about to take flight
But accordingly to charts ... that will never happen
Battling for 13 years and still in fashion
I like where the black is, it will be tough to beat
The one see, where the ... doesn't freeze
If you loose you're no longer remembered
... cleaned out, we see you in September
Hold me a contender, and left in the chapter ... and the triple weights
It's a game of vengeance so we've even a little brain
Can be the difference between the losers and all the great tools really who's silly and who's fake
Difference between the losers and all the great tools really who's silly and who's fake.

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