Scandinavian Detours - Da$h et Action Bronson Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Scandinavian Detours de Da$h, Action Bronson

Scandinavian Detours est une chanson de Da$h, Action Bronson pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 02/07/2013.

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Stash the ends, crash the black Benz for a distraction
Extract the package, killing a gator in a lake that's Placid
Skin it for jackets, made to bait an actress
I'm everything you lacking, my reputation massive
Avoid the capture and escape arrest, got cave drawings on my flesh
Had a dinner date with death, so I
Light up the cess and transform into a fighter jet
Decepticon, I'm selling strippers out in Lebanon
Stare at the moon and then I said a song
The wind was calm, the trees was palm, reefer strong
Speaking psalms, I move the beef brisket with the tongs
Never the chopsticks, goth bitch blowing cock in a Drop 6
You ask a nigga how I got this, I never answer the question
A science blessed him and applied selection
With a young king, butler named Ludwig
Your mother bedroom is where I puff cigs, you fucking know

Action Bronson
You know how my story go, your mouth's a glory hole
The man who made my outfit's name is Gregorio
Damn, I want some Oreo's, riding through Astoria
I can take your tushy from directly through your cornea (your eyes)
You'll get wiped, suck the knife like a dick head
Blood all over my old baseball cards by my kid's bed
Double park, make a sale inside the Modell's
"Bronson, I only got twelve." Baby, oh well (Fuck it, give it to her)
Shit, I had the jacket with the thing
I order two wings, you're making colored Ewings
The can of coke got us into Six Flags
Shit, I always knew that I'll be rich, Dad (Always)
Fuck em, never need em, never trust em
From first glance I'm looking Russian
Second glance I'm looking dusted
From third glance I'm quite disgusting, call me Justin

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