Watersports - Action Bronson et Big Body Bes Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Watersports de Action Bronson, Big Body Bes

Watersports est une chanson de Action Bronson, Big Body Bes pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 31 juillet 2013.

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Action Bronson
Shit yo, it's like I'm always dunking on Dikembe Mutombo

Hang ten on the Donald Takayama
Nose rider, hoes after the show diver
You know I'm talking 'bout vergina
Puerto Rican doped face wearing lana
Drink from the goblet, that was dope, cause I was chosen
First pick on the surf shit
Reverse whip on some shorty keep the iron in your purse shit
Get your shirt lift
I'm into spending hundreds reckless
I'm on some next shit
Chinese staircase necklace, roll in Lexus'
420 SC, yes he
Be doing fucking endos on the jetski
Rolling hundreds of the best tree
Hoop it up, I put myself against your best three
Dunk on Dikembe
If not for minor set backs I would have been paid
Walk with a pimp leg
It's me

Big Body Bes
Uh, yeah
It's me once a-motherfucking-gain.
Big fucking Body. You know what I'm doing.

The work flipped like Ozzie Smith
The whip was Olive-ish
The fact I'm gorgeous, gained acknowledgement
My eyes are sharper than a pilot probably screamin' Kamikaze
Shit pass that boom bah bah zi
I'm hittin' skins cuz I'm fresh, smokin dope
Had the homie there, gave the bitch the Okie-Doke
Eleven thousand on the overcoat straight from Nova Scot
Hover on Bo ?

Big Body Bes
Ugh straight exquisite shit
1000 dollar dinners at Red Lobster
Catch me in the water
Using your moms like a Jetski

Action Bronson
I spit the rum in the rooster's face
Born with exclusive taste
Make the Caddy candy orange with the Fucshia base
Make my shorty milk chocolate with the Cuban waist
Gun in the waist quick to shoot the J
I view the lake while I chew the steak
The estate came with the lake, the lake came with the boat, the boat came with the leather seats
Dark skin just like Heather be
Look like a shark in the 7 series
The leather trench with the feather earring
Racing package, better steering
Hide the cheddar in the ceilin', I'm peelin, for realin'

Big Body Bes
Yeah it's me man, you know what time it is man
It's the Motherfucking summer time
It's my time to shine
I'm out here on my motherfucking glory man
It's me Big Body
I'm out here, pockets stuffed like my favorite fish
I'm out here living it up man
You know what time it is man
I don't eat nothing unless it comes on top of rice
I'm out here man living my motherfucking life
Shouts to my moms man, out here wildin'
You know your boy is out here doing big fucking things man
You know what time it is man
I'm out here catch me in the water man
All types of motherfuckin water sports man
I'm out here man, you know what time it is man
I got the bathing suit down to the ankle, the long shits
Motherfucking fly shit from France
Man fuck that Canal Street shit
I'm out here wildin'
Fuck that bail money on me
Stay shut the fuck up man
That's it man happy fucking Ramadan man
I can't put up with this shit

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