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Paroles de The Symbol de Action Bronson

The Symbol est une chanson de Action Bronson pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26 octobre 2012.

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Fuck it, throw it up on the floor shit
Get the cleaning lady
My bad! hey yo!
In only one considered as a veteran
Top of the line, the whip look like tropical line
..locked by the spine
Doing a murder seven thirty, then they fly at night
Head spring, head twisted to the Buick
You say you're doing shit but never do it?
I say I'm doing shit and I do it
Never going back to work..
Huh, vultures flying over the cock
As bitches blowing on my dick like a...
Throw some grass up, aim a little east of the target
My brain was sculptured in...
Never mention all the crime up in the part of, never!
Serve like eva.. up in the rental
The cheese has been assembled
They receiving help benefits and dental
The land was laced with..
Right foot touched the pedal!

From now one I just assemble
Hundred dollar drugs smoke at the window
Paper plates, I never had a license
Could always cash, we're smoking spices
Tripple Lindsey out the g, landing to a splint
Get up in the spin, doggie, I'm the shit!
You're staying broke, like morty with a hit
Huh, catch me on morty with my bitch
Fuck with me!

The wit gymnast jump out the current to the river
The splash on the dime
Straightforward money cash on the side
..i want that bastard alive
My bitches asses like an apple
You see me looking stunning
Your boy is I'll with the finest
Is garry painting at the pill for the Sonics?
You're still an artist, and to be brutally honest
Your shit is garbage!
Dog up in a.. my shoes are still alive
From late Victoria, fuck the the corridor
I gamble aura up, hoes that drag me in the foreign truck
One is riding me, the other one is rolling up
Pray the signs they don't pull me over
If they do, then the fun is over
..mother fuckers been a musket holders
Just raggle cheese on top of me, you let it crushed over!


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