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Paroles de Strong Will Continue de Damian Marley, Nas

Strong Will Continue est une chanson de Damian Marley, Nas pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26 janvier 2010.

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(Nas- Speaking)
All I do is stay focused
Looking straight forward at the world and beyond.
I feel people pulling me down.
I feel some pulling me up I can't get stuck.
I just keep moving forward.
I got places to go man. Let's go...

(CHORUS – Damian Marley)
When the Armageddon's dark and dread
A lot of weak are to weep and moan
Only the strong will continue do you have it in you?
Come we've got a journey to go
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak are to wither and moan
Only the strong will continue
I know you have it in you I know you have it in you

(Damian Marley)
Hey.. The victory's found in truth, like innocence found in youth
Self defeat is your own dispute and man you put yourself in a ya own shoeses
Either you're winning or losing don't you get it confused
Tay you starring in a ya own movie playing of a role you choose so
Stand up and fight if you know say you're right and no you won't ever fail
Tipping the scale and the wind shall prevail and the boat shall forever sail (hey)
There ain't no stopping or cruising even when you're battered and bruised
Hold gun all di sprinklers and he tell him bust my gat tougher than Zeus


(Nas) As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
New York to Cali for the money, power, respect It's a journey,
Some'll get left behind coz in life you cannot press rewind. Get it right.
You only have one first chance to make one first impression that lasts a lifetime
Reputations to proceed itself do you believe in hell?
Babylon, greed for wealth
Do you deceive yourself and let your ego swell
And disregard those who most need your help
Thick skinned, the dark won't take my soul
Survived spiritual wars, see my welts
And the evils felt but faith is stronger I saw grown men fall when
I was a youngster But I clenched my fist
Ready to go against whoever
Tie my Timb's and rise in the end


(Damian Marley)
No man live forever but never say never
Every goodie want better, just be a go getter
And always be clever in every endeavour
Coz drastic time call for drastic measure
Your girl try to pleasure from ya neighbours things severe
The land and the treasure work for whatever
Jah say don't be a beggar, the alpha omega
bless every soul no matter which name you prefer
The immortal stepper believe in every skin no matter which colour they are
Will never let you down no matter which kind of weather
You're destined to rise like the son of Rebecca don't stop for a second
Every man reckon it sure would be good to be there
Whether Zion or Mecca when the gates are finally closed
And the saints go marching in


(Nas) As the weak shall fall to the sideline
I get my kid I protect mine with a tech 9
Haters want me to side with em Gangsters want me to ride
With em Ladies want me to make brides with em I'm on a low
I'm in the zone every evening I'm in the zone every evening walk through the valley of death
I'm still breathing Give a bit of life to your ethylene
Thief in the night like America seen
Coming through in the zone every evening In the zone every evening
I know the strong will survive

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