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Paroles de Taylor Gang de Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods

Taylor Gang est une chanson de Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis février 2011.

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Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang,
Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang,
Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang,
Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang, Taylor Gang,
You know I'm reppin' Taylor
On my way from Cali, so you know I'm smokin flavour
Ain't f-ckin with blunts, you know we only smokin' paper
And I throw it up so that you know just what my name is
Muthaf-ck a hater

Wiz Khalifa
Left the crib with 10 grand bought a hundred pair
I'm the coach I can show you how to be a player
5 faces, the fitted bitches love my hair
Camo shorts go with anything I wanna wear
The let me in the club, f-ck a dress code
Me and all my n-ggas rollin up the best smoke
OG kush from the westcoast
Oh you down to f-ck? Well shorty lets go
Diamonds in my chain n-ggas tryna steal my lane
Tryna get my brain bitch, I'm reppin' taylor gang
Smoke till I'm insane, drinkin' til I'm throwin' up
Only papers if you Taylor'd n-gga throw it up
High socks, low cuts
Smell that good weed than you know its us
That yellow car pulling up, them n-ggas ain't hot so they close to us
Down to fly ya two fingers and hold em up


Wiz Khalifa
Bought a crib like Scarface's
This is my world
All my n-ggas down to bang but we can try worse
Smoking ounces to the head til my lam twirls
I'm the mayor and my bitch look like a fly girl
Topic of discussion talk shit cause they bitches love us
Plus them n-ggas suckas I got that in living color
All my cars are different colors, all my broads are different colors
All I do is f-ck 'em once, and I don't call or give 'em numbers
Rolex, more sex, good weed, no stress,
Run my town, arms, chest, lift weights, bowflex,
Throw your set up, what you rep when you twistin' ya fingers?
Real recognise real and my nig you a stranger
Got a bank full of scrilla, a brain full of papers
Got a phone full of hoes, and a gang full of Taylors


Chevy Woods
You see me out I rep my gang,
Used serve that John McCain, that John McCain
Hold up they don't know my name?
Chevy who? Chevy who?
Look at all that shit them dollars do,
Gettin' all this money wit you know who
It's Taylor Gang over you
We poppin bottles gang signs
All my n-ggas gang signs
Rollin up gang signs
N-ggas trippin, bang time
Hold up, what they say bout us?
Same n-ggas gotta get the OK bout stuff
They ain't in the same league
They don't play like us
No stems, no seeds, keep that rolled up
Bang on them hoes, we does that
Socket work, I just had a plug for that
Get your taylor on,
Hold for whatever you rep,
Throwin up the gang, 4800 still reppin a set
Got these n-ggas trippin', and these bitches too
They just haters though, no matter what we do
What up cuh, on the left side
Its Taylor gang, and that's or die,


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