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Paroles de The Champ de T-Pain, Tay Dizm

The Champ est une chanson de T-Pain, Tay Dizm pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 03 octobre 2012.

Les paroles de The Champ ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est probable qu'il y ait toujours des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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[Refrain] (x2)
The champ is here, the champ is here
Middle fingers up get up in here
I'm back bitch I'm a g
Hail mary follow me

Ring ring to you dome bitch I'm coming with a 2 piece
I'm with the batch is playing with 2 coochies
I love it yes I love it I do it like it's nothing
I be bustin' I be bustin' like jackie chan stuntin'
All the lame hoes get out bad bitches hands up
Tear up the club we gon' leave this bitch in handcuffs
Stand up to all the real niggers
No matter what we do we still niggas
So wanna ball out and get your fuck on
Go all out take that slut home
We goin' in we goin' off
She on her knees I turn and cough
Champagne on the whole crowd
Screaming everyone it's on now
I'm on a new vow she on that hit
Forgive me father for I am about to sin

[Refrain] (x2)

Tay Dizm
Guess I'm riding out in that chevy blowing on that phy
Bitch I don't play games what the fuck you think I'm 'bout
I be chilling with my niggas we all on that bud ice
Fuck around if you want to gonna get hit in the head with that bud ice
Nah I ain't no pussy all day I be in it
I don't play no games all day I be winning
I stay beamed up sent high all school in on wipping
Had a 12 pack got 11 more ridin' round and I'm sipping
Got your bitch up in my colon some of y all niggas be slipping
She calling me the captain 'cause my dick is ridiculous
They mad at me my money getting thicker
Y all niggas stay broke napi boi get richer
Dis some dis dis some dat all I hear is dis some dat
What's up big talk nigga you know what I'm about
Nothing but the truth all I got the laugh on
Right hand up in the air left hand up on the bottle
So now you know

[Refrain] (x2)

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