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Paroles de Things Get Worse de Eminem, B.o.B

Things Get Worse est une chanson de Eminem, B.o.B pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 23/02/2011.

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There's no need to say shit you already know
The question is just how far will this go
How far will he take it
And when will he stop
Shady man I done told you once homie to easy up
But you just won't listen will ya nah I guess not
You just can't can ya man I can't stand ya
You're rotten what you plottin' for us
Man when are you gonna let up
I guess things are gonna get much worse 'fore they get better
Holy toledo it's Angelina Jolie amigo
She told me yo shady just hand your pe-nis to me I'll deep throat
And brad if you try to stand between us then we're gonna see bro

Who was a fantasy I don't mean to damage your ego
You faggots wanna rassle I shove a fucking jar of vaseline up inside your ass-ole
And rope it shut with a lasso
Couple of crushed lexapro broken up wit the capsule or paxil
Just in case I ain't dope enough wit the raps though

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