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Paroles de Trippin de B.o.B

Trippin est une chanson extraite de l'album B.o.b Vs. Bobby Ray de B.o.B sorti en 2009.
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I got that high

Okay, alright, yeaaaah yeaah let's go yeah
Ah haa haa ah

I think I'm trippin'
Trippin' trippin' to the floor (thas right)
Feelin' different (different different)
Much more different then before
Yeah I'm trippin' (yeah I'm tripin'))
From the ceiling to the floor
Feeling different
Cause I'm trippin' to the floor
Trippin' to the floor
Trippin' to the flo

Started with no books and pages
Just stick it out in the hood I was raised in
Cause see the hood ain't no location
The hood is simply where you place me
See now when I look at faces
I give a damn and a good vibration
Cause there is no reason you should be faithless
Cause look how far a hook can take you
From up here earth looks amazing
That's ram invaded and human races
And there is no reason to debate it
I am the universe and your crazy
Now lets take a new vacation
I was thinking jupiter pluto maybe
See I ain't crazy
See I am just trying to wake up and I ain't patient

[Refrain] (x2)
(Merci -LilieK- pour les paroles)

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