Twerk Off - Lloyd et Juicy J Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Twerk Off de Lloyd, Juicy J

Twerk Off est une chanson de Lloyd, Juicy J pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le lundi 21 janvier 2013.

Les paroles de Twerk Off ont été corrigées, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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[Refrain] Lloyd
Girl you're hotter than... all them hoes modelin'
And I just keep on tippin'
Pourin' out them dollars, and...
It's about to be a twerk off... be a twerk off
Pull your skirt down... aw, take your shirt off

Anything she can do, you can do better
I don't see nobody here who's better than you
Girl, I love to see you twerk, love the way you go to work
You be killin' competition 'cause you let it go berserk...
Come and get this money, girl, it's yours
I can keep them dollars comin', they say when it rains it pours
Throwin' money to the ceiling 'til it's covering the floor
It's a twerk off, but we know who's winnin' (you, of course)

Grab some girlfriends and let's synch up with my partner and them
We can all go to the penthouse and just vibe out and put you in the wig
Girl, if you in, shake it like you'll never shake it again
Take it so deep, I don't know when it end
I know it's no mistake, you should be in first place

[Refrain] Lloyd

First you gotta pop it, then you gotta drop it
Even though the haters watchin', you don't have to stop it
Callin' "murder" 'cause you killin' when you take it to the ceiling
Got me losin' all control when you work it on the pole
You know you the best, 'cause you gon' do what she won't do
You keep it out the box, them other chicks be typical
That's why I throw it up, you love how I be tippin' you
Before you start this twerk off, baby, take that shirt off


[Refrain] Lloyd

Juicy J
The way she work that pole - it's time for her to work mine
And she suck it so good - I just might go blind
And her ass is fat - damn that chick so fine
She okay in the face but beyonce from behind
She clapped her ass for cheese, 'cause my chips stackin' like pringles
I'm rich and I'm single, blowin' twenty-thousand in singles
Baddest chick you've never seen before, I make it rain, they clean the floor
I throw a stack, she come and get it, I'll throw some more, I'm not goin' broke
Booty like no other - she get it from her mother
Throwin' bands in the club, smokin' more than chris tucker
Weed naps and weed raps, I can't stop, no relapse
Nothin' but models, trippin' on molly,
Take 'em back to the crib and continue the party

[Refrain] Lloyd

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