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Paroles de Body Bounce de Kardinal Offishall, Akon

Body Bounce est une chanson de Kardinal Offishall, Akon pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 14/04/2010.

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(Kardinal Offishall)
Hey Akon
We keep givin it to them every day my nig
We got another one?
Here we go,

Ahhh sh!t here we go again,
I'm lookin' at you but I'm seein' your friends,
Both my hands fit around her waist
Her astronauts takin' up my space, yo,
I'm about to launch my rocket,

Take off your clothes and reach in my pocket,
Grab the controller, similar to wii,
It's a game and imma let you beat me

Shawty's body's like an hourglass, thats no lie,
You know if she bring it to me the cash bout to fly man,
I'm so ready for her, I wanna throw it so fast
But I just wait to show her the blast,

Love the way you make that body bounce,
(Lovin' how you work it)
Work it, work it)

(Kardinal Offishall)
Bounce, twerk,
Show me a little work,
Imma take them calories off with that shirt,
Look how you bouncin', all of the sudden I think
how many men try to climb that mountain,
Them heals you got is no joke, even Akon might go broke,
Spendin' them ones, throwin' them twenties,
? throwin' up centuries,
That's the body of the century,
You a little insecure but baby you got plenty,
Them stretch marks on your hips is just bungie cords
bringin' you back when you dip,
I read your lips, my gang stay literate,
I ain't scared, not a little bit,
Gotta let you know, your worth about a million ?,
Now just bounce

Love the way you make that body bounce,
(Lovin' how you work it)
Work it, work it)

I wanna see you bounce
Kardinal Offishall Ft. Akon Lyrics on
I wanna see you bounce

(Kardinal Offishall)
PS3, the PS stands for PSSS if ya body bouncin' around me,
Then it's game over, act like you older,
Either we bouncin' right now, or your dirt off the shoulder,
So extra, mr. material,
Lemme feel on your birthday suit texture,
So resilient,
I like how on the inside its like a wetsuit, brilliant,
Water resistant up to 9 inches,
Wrap that let me open it up like Christmas,
I'm about the same height 6 inches
Keep on your heels, lets get down to business,
No gym but i'm seein' your fitness,
With my eyes closed you pose as a witness
Everywhere the body language you pronounce

Love the way you make that body bounce,
(Lovin' how you work it)
(Work it, work it)

Just show me how you do it baby,
Just let me see,
Thinkin' how you dippin' so amazing in front of me,
really into looking hot, always that the body shop
Workin on that beautiful figure

Love the way you make that body bounce,
(Lovin' how you work it)
(Work it, work it)

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