Like Mine - Berner et Wiz Khalifa et Lola Monroe Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Like Mine de Berner, Wiz Khalifa, Lola Monroe

Like Mine est une chanson de Berner, Wiz Khalifa, Lola Monroe pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2012.

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Know a lot niggas run around say they rapping the game homie
Know they not like mine
I'm the type of nigga that will go out and spend anything on you
On this is not my type
I'm the smoking weed and chilling and living life like a player
I'm the smoking weed and throwing this money all in the air

I'm smoking and I'm chilling, I'm drinking and I'm driving
I'm partying in Vegas, until the sun rises, you should try it
I'ma wake up in the morning, break it down and roll it
And let them get a bit of this player shit I'm holding
6 in the morning, she don't wanna go home
I rock the 2 12 with the wood grain on the chrome
I let the money talk for me, I don't answer my phone
It's me and 3 dances heading back to my home
I got a shoebox full of cash, new kicks and a bag
I spent 22 grand for this shit in my hand
I'm into flexing, I got a yellow bone out in texas
That loves to send me butt naked pictures
Wassup to my cousin in santa rosa
My girls in arizona, got a girl in minnesota
She a crazy little stoner
I got 3 cribs, 3 big ass houses, kick my shoes off
Flat screen, italian couches


67 impala, double seat frames, figures never a problem in double sweet gain
Them channels and sail dead weed,
Living with no tripping so inhale that weed
See a circle divise and square come in place
Slowly minus all they angle, and scale I'm in pace
Balance on these bitches, get my palace on these bitches
And the swag might shock them, get my dallas on these switches
That's my nigga berner, yeah he keep the burner
These hot niggas keep switching, we can feel the...
It's shit right here niggas ... bitches og's


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