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Paroles de Shut Up de Berner, Chris Brown, Problem

Shut Up est une chanson de Berner, Chris Brown, Problem pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 03/10/2012.

Les paroles de Shut Up ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Shut up! shut up!
Shut up! shut up!

All they talking they making no brick
You ain't got no money bitch shut up!

I'm in the night club rolling butter
She wants me to fuck without a rubber man
She got three kids and she wants to have another
Not me, no way, I need another diam iece that ay
Rose, no thanks, I'm on the sace in this cold but I'm bay
Bitches throw chain well than more than 16 zippers
Fresh cold hoodie, lv slippers all this mollie and
All this striers let me smoke my joint keep the switcher
Cold the flipper fuck a gold digger, I'm a babe boy yeah baby real go get her
My song better tell this bitch shut up
'cause talking like that I get a boyfriend cut us

Shut up! shut up! all they talking they making no brick
Fe-fe-feeling myself so it ain't no fucking
So it ain't no fucking if you ain't give me here
So tell the bitch shut up! tell that nigga shut up!
So tell that bitch shut up! tell that nigga shut up!
All they yepping they no action you the cracking
If you're tryin to make it happy bitch

Problems, where the legs with no ashes
Is like going to the moe with no cash
So like switch it up, switch it up
Check coward nigga drop it now big it up
Big it up, big it up,
Do your thing, bitch going get susses
Fuck you, will you came with the club
Need a big spot, ain't talking stans bitch
Bottle poppin five top lighting up the chain
Money cop with the language
Understand me, you'd better listen me when I talk like a granny
Baby pants going down no hammy
Wild niga act the pussy with a dick hell the tranny
Friends let the famy, friends let the famy
Niggas jump shit, we go for heat no miami
Diamond ain't the family problems the name
Licky licky licky now she glad that she came


Look look, shut up ! money too long
Looking for a do do mama that I can just pull bone
We too strong I'm tryint to get that pussy when you talking to a dawn
Don't be talking too long,
Mile close, don't speak, standing on the beach, go b
Pop moly, no sleep, she'll be going hard like for weeks,
I still hoe 35 mill hoes, says she want it kick it out good like a feel go
25 kay that's a ear low, 25 mill in the year though
My money on another level I don't buy my girl shoes but my bitch a petal
Room room not Ferrari just as much as the level
She wanna eat some pussy i'ma let her


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