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Paroles de Mid Life Crisis de Wyclef Jean

Mid Life Crisis est une chanson de Wyclef Jean pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en février 2013.

Les paroles de Mid Life Crisis ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent toujours des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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Point see Jones once told me
The music industry is not a 50 yard dash,
It's global gumbo and that's a marathon,
Are you ready to finish what you started?

Little burns on my back, I'm back from hell's fire,
Little game to see the devil's alive,
Anything we can conquer, a LMP's
I'm on my second win running like a Jamaican
I want progress little ball cut, ..the few shots still caught the rapper,
Closest they got to me fallen was Monday,
..showin' dial, I was chokin' the legend,
And what the impression I leave on your girlfriend,
I physically but it's my voice and she's hearin'
She like that, ey, sing alone, she know the words to every song,
Hey, she call me Dandana, her favorite movie top shut up,
She love when I speak, cool you, what up..
Me and colleague, go back with butter foot go,

Every morning we still we got,
Brush my teeth and hit the black up,
Hustle hard is what I'm made of,
Some caught cope I cut that..
We kids one and cause with the big man
Big man chins, we rock while its..
Some did anything just to get there,
Some see fame and some see the prison.
Some see fame and some see the prison.
Some see fame and some see the prison.

You're doing time, entrance, hold your head up,
I hope you get a party, cut up in me, in the same place,
That's why every night, I save my grace,
Sean..anything that can achieve,
So upper beat top 3 MC's, music mogul, philanthropy,
You're not hot, doing my piffanies,
Why now? Why not now?
Many of..only a few..the crowd,
I started off, about the MC, before it's smacked DVD's and you are LV
The lately lyrically, been under-estimated,
But the rap side of my brain is been reactivated,
But thanks to my mom used to pray to my..


SO shit I had a mid life crisis,
The padex with pig on my birthday,
Why envy shall of made it's my birthday,
It's my birthday, it's my birthday
What's funny man she don't even know me,
Hey, she like that, hey sing along,
She know the words, to every song,
Hey, she like that, get a damn song,
She know the words to all my songs,
Hey, go girl, shake it,
But don't hurt nobody
It's the refugee republic
DJ's all dead
Some see fame and some see the prison.
Some see fame and some see the prison.

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