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Paroles de Open Letter (Freestyle) de Wyclef Jean

Open Letter (Freestyle) est une chanson de Wyclef Jean pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 19/04/2013.

Les paroles de Open Letter (Freestyle) ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est possible qu'il y ait encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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I sound my balance again
Wyclef the general
Turn up!
Hip-hop ..stay on my jimmy entrix

If Tina saw what's here he'd say
Tika-tika taka mango all in
She layin next to these gentlemen
Some time glock 9, some time act 10
Serve me up, wherever she lives she sing a sweet song
Kakakakaleo, hey
It's time to teach them brom
Hey, they got to learn bro

Real talk G, I was with Bill Clinton on an air force 1
Headed down to my island,
I'm the one they boarded when they wanted to keep the peace
United Nation know the gangs would listen to me
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie board em out to Haiti
This is before the earthquakes on your TV's
Used to go to DC, see Nancy below sea
I'm spoking for the congress fighting for my country
But once I decided that I run for president
My whole life changed and it split a second
Now I understand that hitting out all on a dollar
That never let a nigga to have the power
In the final hour, I'm with wolf blitz up
On CNN then fell my Constitution got twisted with Sean's Penn
Even ym band mate, said I wasn't fit,
But I could see the future, Nostradamus,
They took me out the races and had no resident
So powerful I made my man a president
Lost 10 mill when I decided to..
But I'ma make it back with my next out bomb
Who God bless mad, no man can curse powers
Can they get, man I used to eat dirt, dirt

Hip hop guitarist, stay on my Jimmy Hendrix

In the hood they used to call me the baddest with the ..well and flow
You go charge us,
Everything I say now, I gotta make sense, 'cause I'll be gone with the wind
Now understand the mathematics of the one when they say
There's nothing new under the sea
Ain't no Illuminati here, just trying to scare you here
'cause if we ever join forces we knew clear
I made the labels, now is time to build an empire
Then I'ma tired 'cause even the pope gets tired
They call em general, your walls,
Two kings can one gotta fallin and that's room for you,
That's streets for you
Everybody gotta set the goon it's ready to get pou
And the same goons, it's ready to kill for you
Twelve discipoles, somebody Juda,
Somebody snitchin', giving information
Then is immigration, then is the portation
Back on the island,
This is more than a run on sentence
My rap's the true life ..
The general man I'm back with the info
Did you know a .. was the founder of Chicago
John.. if you wanna go up and searchin up the ..on the map,
All you do is google earth.

From Haiti land it on and fly Bush
From fly Bush walk to New Jersey
.. and talking ..
But many like me in the cemetery
Formal the bricks and the brick city
Brick city and the brick city.

Jay-Z I got fat,
.. I got fat
Timbalands I got fat
Ancients it was, ..
All hands on deck, Refugee republic
I stay on my Jimmy Hendrix.

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