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Paroles de Pretty Lil Heart de Robin Thicke, Lil Wayne

Robin Thicke, Lil Wayne vous proposent les lyrics de Pretty Lil Heart, la chanson de son album Love After War.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées le 07 novembre 2011.

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Lil' Wayne
This is for the lovers and the sexy mother, mothers
Love is in the air, I pray to God I do not suffer
Kay, late night, lights, steam, candles lit
She say Weezy flush me harder
I say ooh, you the ooh
You commit, I commit
She say she love me, I'm convinced
Don't need a rocket scientist to see that you and I are meant
I meant to tell you, you the reason I smile more
Who I fell for, you know I beat that, beat that up Rocky Balboa

Girl I'm just playing unless you ain't
And I can't think
If there ain't a thought about you
Matter of fact that's all I do
I put you first, now tell me that we'll never be apart
Now I say, please girl don't you go breaking my pretty little heart

Robin Thicke
Tell me something sweet
Tell me something nice
Tell me something good
Baby, Tell me it's alright

Tell me that you love me
Tell me you'll be there
I get so worried, sometimes
The world will not be there
Tell me that I'm sexy
Like I was before

Tell me I got it
That you want it even more
Tell me that you'll never, ever
Ever leave me side, side
Tell me cause you know
I need to hear it every night

Baby you got me, don't worry your pretty little heart
I said,
Baby you got me, don't worry your pretty little heart

Robin Thicke
Tell me who you with
Tell me where you work
Tell me did you go out
And start talking to some girl
I want to believe it
You know how hard I try
After all we've been through
It's so hard to say goodbye

Tell me that the future is getting brighter now
Tell me that we'll make it
That we'll make it somehow
Tell me it's forever
That we'll never burn
Tell me that you'll never break my pretty little heart


Robin Thicke
Tell me that's the money
Tell me I'm a star
Tell me that you'll never break my pretty little heart
Say you'll take me places
Everything's okay
Tell me cause you know I need that pump up everyday
Tell me that's your money
Won't get in our way
Tell me that the chance I take, won't blow up in my face
Tell me that you'll do it
That you'll do it real
I'll leave you if you break my pretty little heart, I will

[Refrain] (x2)

Don't you worry, your pretty little heart...
I got you, you got me
I love you, I love you, I love you baby

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