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Paroles de Roll Around de Rock City, Flo Rida

Roll Around est une chanson de Rock City, Flo Rida pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 06/05/2011.

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It's just you and me
My eyes your body, girl
What I want and need
Is for you to put it on me
You to put it on me
Whatever you want
Whenever you need
Wherever you are
I wanna be
Whatever you want
Whenever you need
Wherever you are
I wanna be

Yeah that's all I ask for
It's that good might stamp your passport
With that body you can ace the crash course
You safe airbags and a hairboy
Can't wait for your juicy couture
See when I bag that leave 'em in an uproar
Smash that then spray some...
Put it on me I can help you move forward
In life one small price
Make you roll around my head and act live
Baby I don't mean to beg you're my type
Get on my Macbook and Google you all night
Your fine self I wanna get it in with your dime self
Lil mama you look warm like...
I need with you to come and it get down, well


Yeah it's just just us
Yourself myself gimme that touch
Priceless... wanna keep it on the hush
Anybody wanna know get off of 'em drugs
Our secret our sweetness Barry White that's my weakness
Just the type I don't mind freakin'
Shawty a dime I don't mind creapin'
Sleepin' Lil Mama think I'm ready for this meetin'
Put on some R. Kelly and I'm beatin'
Spinnin' my pirellis on a weekend
So high off your love
My interest girl I like your hug
... can I bite the bug
That thickness I would like to rub
The last people in the club


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