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Paroles de Slim Thick (Remix) de Raekwon, Ghostface Killah

Slim Thick (Remix) est une chanson de Raekwon, Ghostface Killah pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 09 avril 2014.

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Sometimes I like slim, sometimes I like thick
Sometimes I come by and I like them sleep
Didn't say probably all over your head
Couldn't layup I just want it over head
Made 'em change the plans, well she bent over the bed
Now she on the balcony pined over the larch
In a few days but I send over some brands
Get roof on two wishes and lay over your head
Not the same pose for rescue anybody
But a nigga know what's stress dude to that body
And no they see me on the best shut buzzing naughty
Shit be looking like fresh ooh how got it
And I don't know how is getting high fields
But I swear we all over
And if you do know that name, girl
How they like way you know I'm from
You're so slim, so thick for me
Get all clearly, was a time boy
Now you woke early
Never look tight but you wake up so early
Hit the jam keep the tongue
Probably rest, pick whole with your phone up
Ooh shit, we still smoking, a nigga zone Instagram
Like damn I need to call it
That body perfect in my eyes
No matter what they say anything look divine
Got that bless in the sky
Girl you on it,
Damn you got a fat lil pussy
Need low gangsta, real good looky
Only love hard rocks, thought little cookie
Leave a nigga balls or blow like cookie
Yeah pretty you no stand but stash you ...
I record what is not busting
Stay going wrong on flow on toasting
The ash in the kitchen, hash for the Simson
Nigga clean my gun and you're advantage
You'd load it up, coped over and sing
Coking my hand while I'm pulling your drink
Yo, yo watch how you hold that lady
Eighty hundred ground, I'mma though back baby
Flying though the city and all act lazy
While he green peril with caves in the station
Now back and you ball ..
We can make love real slow cuz it's better feel
Yeah surely murder that thing as we slipped that nigh away
I had to swear about a king
Cross chain the world got chick that do yoga
Lay over head finger in the coca
That's my time of chick
Run a dead body, round body
That body perfect in my eyes
No matter what they say anything look divine
Got that bless in the sky
Girl you on it,

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