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Paroles de Who Shot Ya (Freestyle) de Raekwon

Who Shot Ya (Freestyle) est une chanson de Raekwon pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en décembre 2012.

Les paroles de Who Shot Ya (Freestyle) ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait toujours des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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No that nigag didn't come out of a motherfuckin' balloon in the air
That nigga's ill, he landed on the projects with that shit
Crazy, b, crazy
Ah man, it's this nigga rae right here, right
Yeah, 2013 bullet, huh?
That's what I'm talkin' about

Fly down to Vegas and fuck, drop a half a 'mil
Table it up, silks cable it up
I'm from the grain, entertainers get scooped and trapped
Pull a navy blue uzi out and roof your 'lac
Crap table, king, black jack, gangsters with chains on
69 blue jean denims, ojs on
Relax, blunt's on me, black, we gritty
Parlay with the wrangler posse in the city, yo
Overdose confidence, gun in the console
Concord jet to the congos
Baggin' everything up
Swag on a million, blindfold
Can't see nothin' I wear, frontin' out here
They ask me how I'm eatin'
I be hunting out here, yeah
Godzilla rap and them labels
Hugh blow fiend, heron don, Levis is plainclothes
So many rings plus surrounded by kings
Sittin' back in the fourth row, examining queens
They like "chef, yo, you built for it
Meet at the biltmore"
Any violations I agree to get killed for it
Where's the real rap? niggas is lost now
Hmmm, how much it cost now to marry it up?
Divorce it, blaow, extortion style
Shoot the first nigga who talk, you lost your style
My next album might be called "the wild"
Wolverines, bears and whales, no snails
Foxes, good great danes, that's all, he cale
Kill all the rats, for real
They live in the hoods
They all come out convinced to sell
Little clothes niggas is frail
'cause when he rap it's like poisonous lines that's rich
Mix together virgin blood and gallons of piss, yo
The real lowdown in the midst
I come like sandy in the middle of the year like Christmas
Kango, Santa Skully, emerald green
Rockin' dark green wallabies, blowin' the beam
On the go, yo, bowlin' for cream
And I'll be here for the next ten years for the team

Oh shit!
Pacquiao just got knocked the fuck out by Marquez, nigga!
Oh shit!

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