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Drake vous propose We'll Be Fine, le single extraite de son album Take Care.
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Yeah, never thoughts of suicide I'm too alive
But I still treat it likes it's do or die
Even though dying isn't in the plans
But neither was making it and here I am
In the Presidential ? do you like your new room?
Always presidential and tonight's no blue moon
Since I saw Aaliyah's precious life go too soon
She deserve the credit for how I'm about to get it
That's why I got a new dumb thing moving through the street, got a new condo, move it to the beach
Heard Nicki just bought a brand new crib, goddamn, man, she's beauty and the beast (Lord)
Seems like yesterday that I was up and coming
Still so young that I ain't had enough of nothing

The fam here, the drink here
The girls here?
Well fuck let's get it then

I'm trying to let go of the past
Should we make this one a double, you ain't even gotta ask, Ahh
Because it's hard to say no, say no
Yeah it's hard to say no

Are you down, are you down? Yeah, you all the way down, every time
Am I down, am I down? Yeah, I'm all the way down, We'll be fine
Are you down, are you down? Yeah, you all the way down, every time
Am I down, am I down? Yeah, I'm all the way down, We'll be fine

Used to make us proud ? we had dreams of getting bigger, man
Loved you until now, but now I'm the nigga, man
You keep talking that, "You was this and you had this"
And you deserve some fucking credit how did anyone forget it
Got a show up in your city, yo girl is in the line
And the line around the corner, it's my motherfucking time
You should take it as a sign, man I got it right now
I wouldn't doubt it cause these bitches all about it right now
Let's be real about this shit, can I take you home?
Or come to where you stay? Do you live on your own?
I heard you got your ways, I never would have known
She said, "you're such a dog", I said, "you're such a bone."
I've been everywhere, where you know me from?
These days women give it to me like they owe me one
But they crave attention though they always saying, "show me some"
But girl you ain't the only one that's trying to be the only one
At least I admit that, if you get that, and you with that
Then fuck let's get it then


Yeah! Drizzy, yo turn nigga!
Take Care of the business nigga (shine on these niggas)
Give these niggas the business nigga!
Kill spray anything in the way, nigga, fuck em, we don't love em!
Yeah, it's just that Uptown gangsta shit
Toronto, stand up for one of the realest Niggas
Drizzy, with the realest flow, y'know?
Toast to this gangsta shit, fellas
OVO YMCMB (believe that!)
Yeah, you understand me?
Playing with these motherfucking millions like they ain't nothing
Throwin' hundreds, rubber band stacks
That YMCMB shit nigga; flashy lifestyle
One Hundred

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