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Paroles de Why Stop Now (Remix) de Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown

Why Stop Now (Remix) est une chanson de Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en février 2012.

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Turn my fucking beat up (x3)
(turn my mic up to)

Uh, yeah! we can do anything
Walk everywhere and buy anything! (remix)
I'll be chilling, I don't worry about anything remix)
Why stop now? I can have everything! (part 2)
Yeeeah! I can have everything!
Yeeeah! I can have everything!
Yeeeah! I can have everything!
Why stop now? I can have everything!

Find the nearest exit
Everybody better find the nearest exit
See the way I killed very nigga in this bitch
Somebody please tell me where the forensics
Everybody know the god real
Looking like you work in a garage sale
While you hating on one of the greatest
I be in the crib digging in ya mom's tail
Big old bitch - avatar
I got her sitting on the dick like I handle bar
Shawty like the way I beat it up
Beat the pretty pussy with a battle scar
Let a nigga eat it up like a caviar
Got her buggin now she wanna carry on
Ymcmb, gods of this rap shit that we are
But ya girl look like a little amateur
Wednesday night at the Apollo
But it's okay 'cause she got a long neck
And I got a dick size only a giraffe could swallow
Sent her back cause they gonna ask tomorrow
Why baby girl did you have to gargle?
If I could have everything
Do me a favor send me a hundred more bottles


Aye let me re-introduce ya'll to my beautiful twin
Oh my god. Missy...

It go 3,4,5,6
On this mic I hot spit
This my time, toc-tic
On the chicken not fucking wit'
Hit 'em with hits in the head I spit...
This shit is so ridiculous, sick
Missy like no other chick
Now watch how I kill this remix
I slay these crows
Got more lines than cornrows
You ain't on me sea level
Better get on ya tippy toes
Really though, really no
I'ma blow it up like a torpedo
Who am i, you don't know
You can call me the original
I'm the e-double-ll i-o-t-t don't ever try me on the mic i'ma beast
Eat an emcee like I'm Finna have a feast
You better sit down, have a seat
I can do anything, Missy Finna change the game
Ya'll better stay up in ya lane
Now i'mma just make y'all clap ya hands


It's been officially declared that the martian is back in the building

Man, fuck these niggas
Man, fuck these hoes
T just roll a big long blunt
I smoke that bitch till it's Muggsy Bogues
I ain't got time for that bitch shit
Glock, automatic, no stick shift
My girl p-ssy bigger than pig lips
My blunts last longer than friendships
Man, I was on my skateboard
It ain't trickin' if you got it I'll pay for it
Hol' up, wait for it
Catch up, like fake blood
My own funeral I'm late for it
Shout out to my young nigga ace hood
I'm fresh out the can I'm canned goods
Two handguns, my hands full
I'm young I'll and so mean
I'm one pill from od'ing
I'm high hoe, my eyes low like Korean's
I pulled up on that ?
Thuggin', bumping golf wang
Bitch, I'm higher than Eddie Cane
Tunechi I can have everything


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